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Welcome to week 3

Watch this video to hear Mark Martin share what you will learn this week.
<v ->Welcome to week three of The Diverse Innovation Course.</v> Today, we’re going to be exploring transparency, and how do we have transparency when we are in a workplace or in a work environment? And this is to encourage everybody to thrive and to succeed, but in order for everyone to thrive and succeed, we need to make sure that there are clear systems, clear protocols, and clear procedures when it comes to one recognising, promoting and acknowledging diverse innovators. The second item that we’re going to be reviewing this week is all about accountability. How do we hold each other to account? How do we ensure that whatever we say gets done and also, that the outcomes have clear tangibles for people involved.
The third item is going to be looking at amplifying voices. How do we amplify voices of diverse innovators? How do we get them involved? How do we each champion their work, and how do we basically increase their representation throughout the sector. And then lastly is also looking at the next steps.
What are the things that we need to put into place now for the three weeks that we’ve been studying this diverse innovation programme and how do we go back into our, whether it’s organisation, field of work or startup to really think about system change and how do we, once again, encourage diverse innovators and innovations to really be a part of the amazing stuff that’s happening within the UK and beyond? And then how do we create these tools and products and services that reflect us all?

Welcome to the final week of this course, and of the whole Expert Track. This week we’ll start by exploring the role of transparency in supporting diverse innovation, and you will hear from Alex, Adiba and Nathan about why it matters when developing products and services. You’ll have a chance to think about how you could promote transparency in your sector, organisation or workplace.

Following this, we will focus on accountability. We’ll look at what it means for individuals and organisations, and why it matters in terms of diverse innovation. You will hear suggestions from Adiba and Nathan on how organisations can hold themselves accountable. You’ll explore the role of governance and also make an accountability plan of your own.

Next, we’ll focus on amplifying voices. This is about how to raise awareness and celebrate the successes of those you are trying to champion, either within an organisation or more broadly across the sector you are working in. You’ll hear some suggested approaches from Mark, and work out how you can amplify voices in your own context.

Finally, you’ll have some time to consolidate all the activities you’ve undertaken on the course and reflect on what is next for you.

By the end of this week you will be better able to:

  • Explore the importance of transparency in supporting diverse innovation
  • Investigate how you and others can be held accountable
  • Experiment with amplifying diverse innovators’ voices
  • Reflect on how you can apply learnings in your own context

As we begin this final week, what are you hoping to learn or develop? Does anything resonate with you from the themes outlined above? Share your thoughts in the comment section below, and as always, respond to others where you can.

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