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Amplifying voices

What does amplifying diverse innovation mean? Watch Mark Martin explain more.
<v ->When it comes to amplifying voices within the workplace</v> and institutions and in spaces it’s about how can we raise their profile and representation. So, whether the individual is working on a project or done some amazing work within their field it’s about how can we showcase that? How can we showcase the amazing stuff that they’re doing and the change they’re bringing to the sector? Because ultimately the more we pull out of these success stories and amplify voices, we normalise the experience. And it’s not just the one off or it’s not just put into a box for one month or one period throughout of the year.
Actually this is an ongoing thing where we can celebrate different voices and also encourage voices to showcase what they’re doing within the tech or innovation space. And then when we are, kind of, thinking about amplification there are some practical things that we can do. So, whether it’s nominating them for an awards or writing a blog post about their work and contribution to the particular project or field that you’re working in or it could just be just a simple acknowledgement within the organisation or institution. So, whether it’s, you know, in a bulletin or in a email to acknowledge their work. It gets to one been seen by others and others become conscious of the work that people are contributing in.
And then lastly, it’s about how do we amplify people, individuals that may not necessarily be in the room. So, how do we, you know, sign post, how do we sponsor people in terms of nominating them to be a part of projects, leading projects and also getting their voice heard when it comes to the design and delivery of tech or innovation. And I think that these ways are very practical. It’s very, you know, down to earth in terms of what we expect, but also it brings around consistency because this needs to be done, not in a vacuum, not in a, you know, single or in a void. It needs to be done in terms of consistent. It needs to be genuine.
It needs to make sure that those individuals or that those groups, that you’re trying to raise their profile and their representation by amplifying their voices. It’s momentum, it’s building upon that journey. So, those are just a few tips in terms of amplifying voice. I think it’s very important in terms of making sure that these services tech tools and put us work for us all.

In this activity, we’ll be exploring how to amplify voices – in other words, how to raise awareness and celebrate the successes of those you are trying to champion, either within an organisation or more broadly across the sector you are working in. How can we showcase the ways their innovations are bringing about positive change?

In this video, Mark talks about the kinds of small activities and gestures that, when combined, can help amplify voices. Internally, these can include giving shout outs within teams or groups, acknowledging peoples’ work, or inviting someone to take the lead on a project.

To amplify voices more broadly, approaches can include nominating someone for an award, using social media to signpost their work, or encouraging them to blog about their work so it gets wider recognition. Mark explains that amplifying voices needs to go beyond lip service. It is a continual process and one-offs won’t work if individuals’ contributions are going to be genuinely seen and recognised.

How did you feel when you were watching this video? Did anything inspire you to help amplify the voices of others? Share your thoughts in the comment section below and deepen your learning by reading and responding to someone else’s comment.

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