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Wrapping up week 1

In this step, we wrap up what we have learned this week, and what we will be expecting from the next one.
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Congratulations on completing Week 1!

This first milestone is an occasion to celebrate what you accomplished and learned this week.

This week, we have explored SiD methodology and its applications for planning and goal setting. Let us recall some of the key points we have covered.

Recall our comparison of the SiD methodology to going on holiday. There are key steps that we must take in both of these processes. These are goal setting, system mapping, system understanding, solutioning and roadmapping, and evaluation.

The process of goal-setting is the first step in ensuring that we reach where we set out to go. Remember to include KPIs to track your process and set performative goals, which ensure we measure the performance and not a physical property or a static position.

Use mapping! Mapping is the best way to pinpoint your location with respect to your goal and is a powerful visualization tool for third-parties.

Furthermore, maps help you understand the system you are trying to change and reach a solution. When we are traveling, we have our destination and/or coordinates. In complex systems, we must develop our own understanding to ensure we progress in the right direction.

Lastly, it is important to evaluate once you have reached the estimated goal. Compare your initial goals and iterate and co-create with your team!

We hope you found this week useful and will find the practical use of the SiD Method in your day-to-day life.

How did you enjoy this week? What do you think we can improve? Let us know in the comments section!

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Systems Thinking for Sustainability: Practical application of the SiD method

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