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If you’ve got this far, then clearly, you’re doing well with Future Learn. Here are some useful tips on how to complete the sections and navigate the materials. Each module is covered by a week in Future Learn, but you can complete it at your own pace. There is a mixture of instructional videos and accompanying PDFs with exercises to complete. When you finish a section, you can either click to view the next section immediately, or you can click the Mark as Complete button at the bottom of the page to track your progress. Although the workbooks are split into sections, you can view the whole workbook at the beginning of each week or module.
There are clear instructions as to the videos you’ll need to watch for each of the tasks, but you may at this point also want to download a copy of the PDF. Then you can print off the materials to complete by hand, or you might want to use a PDF markup tool which is available for free in preview for Mac users or Adobe Reader for Windows users to work digitally. That way, you can keep it all on your computer. You can answer the questions and save your work as you go. In each of the modules, there will be three icons which link to the travel tech air tables.
These air tables display entries in the travel tech database which link to the module you’ll be completing. The first icon will show you case studies of existing travel organisations who have used those kinds of technologies for their business. It can be really useful to see this work in action. So have a look around and see what you can find. The second icon will take you to companies which offer technology products or services themselves. So if you’re looking for a solution or support, this might be the place to go. Each of the entries includes links to the businesses so you can see their work and the services that they provide.
In this case, Be More Colourful offers 360 degree virtual tour technology. The third icon simply offers you a list of example technologies linked to that part of the customer journey. So if you’re stuck for ideas, this could be a great source of inspiration. I hope that’s nice and clear. Good luck and happy learning.

In this video we’ll outline how to work through the videos and supporting PDF’s as well as some tips for how to manage the learning content.

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Traveltech for Scotland - Getting Started with Travel Technology

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