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Romy tells about her eating disorder

During her teens, Romy suffered from eating disorders. In this video she talks about how these started for her.
ROMY WOLDRING: When I was 13 I got an eating disorder. I just wanted to lose a few more pounds, however, I kept pushing myself for more. I thought if I would lose a few more pounds, I will feel happier and prettier. But at the same time, my body signalled that losing all this weight was damaging to my body. Often I was cold, had little energy, and had trouble concentrating. I did not feel like talking to friends anymore, and often lied about food I was supposed to have eaten. So throughout the day, the only thing I could think about was how to lose as much weight, as quickly as possible. When I turned 17, I suffered from binge eating.
I ate a lot of food in a short period of time, and lost control of how much I ate. After I had eaten, my stomach was about to explode, and I felt very miserable. I wanted to burn all those calories, as soon as possible, which resulted in me skipping meals, and intensely exercising, in order to compensate for what I’d eaten. This in turn, caused me to become hungry again, which often led to another episode of binge eating. Consequently, I ended up in a downward spiral, which was very difficult for me to get out of. I urgently needed help. Since then, I have overcome my eating disorder, and have become a psychologist.
And I now know, that an eating disorder is a very complex disease, which actually does not have much to do with food. Indeed, an eating disorder is a very awkward way to deal with your faults and feelings. And people who are suffering from an eating disorder also feel they have a lack of control about things. And this idea creates feelings of restlessness and stress. And in order to deal with that stress, people will stop eating, or eat a lot of food in a short period of time, and will or will not vomit afterwards. And having control about what you eat gives a feeling of strength, and is therefore seen as a solution.
But the reality is, however, that this very unhealthy eating behaviour can have serious consequences, and that is what this module is about.

Welcome to the steps about eating disorders!

We will start with Romy’s personal story. During her teens, Romy suffered from eating disorders. In this video she talks about how these started for her.

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