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Temporary or persistent antisocial behaviour

In this video Tina Kretschmer explains to which group of antisocial behaviour Tom and Paul belong and why.
TINA KRETSCHMER: Tom did not show problem behaviour as a child. He only started getting into trouble when he became a teenager, started arguing with his parents and with his teachers, lost track in school, started drinking and smoking. We think that Tom shows temporary anti-social behaviour. That means that he might stop by himself drinking and smoking and the other problem behaviours. But nonetheless, we think it’s important to give him support before things get worse.
Paul already showed problem behaviour as a child. He was not liked by other children, and he had a lot of problems at home and at school. As he got older, these problems only became worse, and he started stealing and got into fights a lot. That’s why we think that Paul shows persistent anti-social behaviour. It is difficult to see how Paul can be helped. But nonetheless we need to make an effort.

In the previous step you read about Tom and Paul’s antisocial behaviour and answered the question to which kind of antisocial behaviour group they belong: temporary or persistent. In this video Tina Kretschmer explains to which group of antisocial behaviour Tom and Paul belong and why.

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