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How to manage conflict

Conflict is one of the defining features of human interaction. It’s something that you’ll find everywhere, from friends arguing over which restaurant to visit to nations negotiating over a strategically important slice of land. Conflict is so central to our lives that we often manufacture it for the sake of entertainment. If you’ve ever read …

How to Install R

How to install R on different computers Instructions for Mac Users: Open your internet browser and go to In the Getting Started section, follow the download R link available …
Video game in development

How to make a video game

We’ll outline a very broad template for the indie game development process. Please note that practises vary wildly between different developers: we’re just looking to establish a fundamental structure that …
A classroom

How to succeed as a new teacher

In this article, Senior Lecturer Joanna Baynham, explores the different pressure points new teachers face over the year, how they can pre-empt some of these and how careful planning can …