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CCI launch FutureLearn ExpertTrack in collaboration with Coding Black Females, UKBlackTech and Feminist Internet

The CCI has partnered with Coding Black Females, UKBlackTech and Feminist Internet to develop a new ‘ExpertTrack’, available now on, that explores how to create and advocate for gender inclusion, anti-racism, and diverse innovation in technology development.

It is designed to give participants the chance to learn with leading industry experts and develop the critical and practical tools needed to create or advocate for more equitable technologies.

There will be 3 courses on the ExpertTrack:

Gender-inclusive approaches in technology (Feminist Internet)

This course explores how technologies can replicate gender stereotypes and inequalities found in society, and how you can challenge this. You’ll look at a range of inclusive design approaches, from research and development to testing and implementation, hearing the perspectives of some incredible gender equality advocates along the way.

Anti-racist approaches in technology (Coding Black Females)

This course reveals how current technologies reinforce racism and how you can implement anti-racist approaches in your context. You’ll discover the importance of considering race at every stage of the process, from recruiting teams and user research to implementation and launching a product, and how you can apply these approaches to your own life.

Supporting diverse innovation (UKBlackTech)

The final course takes you through diverse innovation and the benefits that it can bring to both society and the economy. You’ll discover how to create diverse cultures in your workplace and how you can amplify underrepresented voices.

Once you’ve completed this ExpertTrack, you’ll be able to advocate for anti-racism, gender inclusivity and diverse innovation in technology development. You’ll also be able to take the tools and techniques you’ve learned and apply them to your professional and personal life, no matter what industry you work in.

How does it work? 

You can join a free 7 day trial to help you decide if the ExpertTrack is right for you. You will have free access to all 3 courses and assessments for a week.

If you want to carry on you can keep learning for £36/month. You’ll pay a monthly subscription fee of £36 for as long as it takes you to complete the ExpertTrack. You can learn at your own pace and cancel at any time.

Earn digital certificates: You will receive a certificate for every completed course and pass the final assessment to earn a digital certificate that you can share with your professional network.

Become an expert: You can use your specialist training to progress further in your career or build expertise in areas you’re passionate about.

The CCI is committed to supporting the development of more equitable technologies through all aspects of its work, through the curriculum, research, knowledge exchange and online offerings. We hope these courses will enable learners within and beyond the university to engage with these important topics and develop their skills in order to contribute to a more fair and just technological society.


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