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Summary of Fall in love with Mandarin

It’s coming to an end. We do not want to say goodbye at all. After 4 weeks, we walked you through very practical situations with Mandarin that you can see …

My interest is learning Mandarin

If you are taking this course, you are probably interested in learning Mandarin, or maybe you are forced to take this course. Anyway, in this video, we will teach you …

I can speak three languages

“Can” is used to express one’s ability. Do you have any word or grammar that has the same meaning in Mandarin?

I’m 25 years old

In the western culture, people may not care about your age. However, you will probably hear people asking about ages more often in the East.

Episode 4 – My heart

In the end, our 2 main characters, Wu Hong-yu and Mai He-jie, have a perfect ending, do you know the reason? Is it because Mai He-jie has money, a car, …

First impression is the most important

Time goes by so fast. This is the last week of the course. Hope you enjoy learning Mandarin. This week, we will teach you how to make good impressions on …

Week 3 Summary

Now you already know how to get contacts of new friends, how to ask them out and most interestingly is that you know how to reject an invitation. This is …

What is your impression of Taiwan?

Taiwan is ideal for island-hopping, small-town tours, mountaineering, and forest hiking. If you are a fan of Taiwan, please visit us often. You shall enjoy this country in many different …

How to say no?

When you invite somebody to go out with you, you may not always receive a “Yes”. So how do you deny somebody’s invitation in Mandarin?

Are you available tomorrow?

When you have a new friend, you might want to hang out with him/her or ask him/her out. How do we say that in Mandarin?

What’s your Facebook account?

Facebook is one of the most popular social media sites in the world. In Taiwan, people use it often as well. Let’s see how to get someone’s Facebook in Mandarin.

What’s your phone number?

To get someone’s contact, people often ask for a phone number. Do you want to learn this very practical phrase in Mandarin?