Caring for Others

Learn how to ensure the best care possible for every patient. Explore the latest research and advice on patient care, whilst gaining practical knowledge and skills - studying with leading universities and medical schools.

Examine the major issues in social care

  • Preventative and self-managed care

    Explore strategies to manage and treat disease, such as physical exercise and self care. Understand how to identify and overcome the barriers to positive life changes - help patients with home care action plans and assistive technologies.

  • Care training for the young and old

    Examine the care challenges that face us at all stages of life - from the very young, to the very old and everyone in between. Learn how to arrange, or provide, compassionate care that meets the unique needs of patients at any age.

  • Living with the young and old

    Discover how long term conditions affect the health and relationships of both carer and patient. Consider the link between the management of symptoms and living well - and how to live a happy life despite chronic disease.

  • Addressing mental illness

    Consider the experiences of people diagnosed with a mental illness. Learn about ways to ease the daily struggles of people living with conditions such as psychosis, Alzheimer’s and substance abuse.

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