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Upskill yourself

What does upskilling mean?

As a result of the 21st century’s technological changes – along with the societal upheaval caused by the COVID-19 pandemic – businesses are in a state of flux as never before.

When whole sectors wax and wane – and new data and tech skills rapidly emerge as vital – it’s never been more important for people to stay on top of the latest training and trends to keep their career moving forward.

To ‘upskill’ means to gain additional skills that can help you on your work path. Fortunately, there’s now no need for costly and time-consuming in-person training programmes; especially in the era of social distancing, online training is the go-to option for those wanting to develop their professional skillset, and boost their CV.

FutureLearn has an exciting range of upskill courses designed by top educators to help you upskill yourself.

If you’re looking to learn the essentials of business, The Open University’s ‘Business Fundamentals’ program is packed with expert advice on how best to communicate and network with fellow professionals. For those at a later stage of their career, courses like King’s College London’s ‘Introduction to Business Management’ will guide you on how to manage people and build budgets.

Even better, all of FutureLearn’s courses are designed to be social – meaning that whatever your career needs, you can develop your skills alongside an international group of learners, developing the skills you need to get ahead.