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Course Overview

Welcome to our course! I am Prof. Jane Chao, the dean of Nutrition college from Taipei Medical University.

In this course, we will sharing some thoughts with you about foods (or what you eat) in different stages of your life. First, we will talk about the moderns health crisis. After knowing these crisis, we wish you may find the motivation of promoting your health. Then in the second week, we will talk about the first meals of human beings, the breast milk. The importance of breastfeeding will be introduced. Eating well during lactation is also important. We will provide some tips about how to keep mothers healthy and happy.

In the third and fourth weeks, we will introduce some foods or nutrition ingredients that could assist your health. Glutamine, a important amino acid that forms critical part of human immune system. We will talk about some newly research of it and how it could affect our health in the third week. Finally, we will introduce dietary supplements. As you may find there are so many healthy foods in supermarkets. Do you know how to choice what you need the most? In the fourth week, we wish you could gain some knowledge and make your decision wisely.

Moreover, we want to remind you that TMU has provides two other related courses, Introduction to Nutrition and Food Safety and Nutrition and Disease Prevention. You may find more topics related to foods and health. We hope you enjoy all of these courses.

Please do feel free to discuss the themes of the course with us.

I will introduce your educators for this course. They are all experts in various aspects of nutrition and health science.

Prof. Hsieh, Ming-Jer

Prof. Hsieh, Ming-Jer A great teacher at Taipei Medical University. He has been teaching nutrition and teaching for many years and is deeply loved by students. His research fields are mostly anti-oxidant nutrients and chronic diseases, special nutrients and lipid metabolism, and functions of healthy food. He is also a famous author and has the name of “Dr. Nutrition.” His books teache the public healthy lifestyle. His publications include “Health & Nutrition,” “Essence of Eating Nutrition”, “Health Food Code”, “Food and Cosmetics Risk Survey”, “Drug-Drug Risk Survey”.

Prof. Chen, Yi Chun Prof. Chen, Yi Chun Associate Professor School of Nutrition and Health Sciences

Prof. Yeh, Sung-Ling Prof. Yeh, Sung-Ling Sung-Ling Yeh worked at the School of Nutrition and Health Sciences, Taipei Medical University. Sung-Ling does research in Nutritional Biochemistry, Diabetology and Nutrition and Dietetics. Their most recent publication is ‘Arginine administration increases circulating endothelial progenitor cells and attenuates tissue injury in a mouse model of hind limb ischemia/reperfusion.

Prof. Huang, Shih-Yi Prof. Huang, Shih-Yi Professor Graduate Institute of Metabolism and Obesity Sciences

We hope you enjoy the learning.

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The language by the educators is Mandarin and in English subtitle. If you are interested in learning some basic Mandarin, you may consider taking this course provided by National Chiao Tung University.

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