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The best-paying jobs in Brazil

Looking to find what the best-paying jobs in Brazil are at the moment? Read our list of some of the highest paying careers in the country.

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There are many elements that make for a good job. The company culture, work-life balance, and relevance to your interests are all important. Many people also naturally look at the salary and benefits on offer. With that in mind, we take a look at a selection of the best-paying jobs in Brazil. 

We’ve tried to pick out roles across several different industries. However, as you might expect, healthcare, IT, and finance sectors all feature. We’ve also picked out some of the courses that are relevant to each of the jobs.

 IT Product Manager

What is an IT product manager?

Product managers play a crucial role in bringing new products to market. Much like project managers, they have to lead a multi-functional team when it comes to strategy, planning, and delivery of a product. IT and tech companies make particular use of professionals in this role, which requires detailed and expansive knowledge of the industry. 

How do you become an IT product manager?

You’ll find that there often aren’t any specific qualifications needed to become a product manager. However, an industry-relevant degree often helps. So, a computer science or business-related qualification could be beneficial. Ultimately, experience and knowledge of the field are often highly valued. 

How much do IT product managers make?

The average gross monthly salary for an IT product manager in Brazil is between 1,943 BRL and 7,450 BRL.

Explore ‘Digital Product Management’

Learn some of the basic skills needed for planning, developing, and managing and successful, user-focused digital products. 


Financial Analyst

What is a financial analyst?

This role combines two of the most sought-after skills going, finance and data analysis. Financial analysts examine data to identify opportunities for businesses to make money. They work to gather, analyse, and interpret all kinds of data sets, allowing companies to make informed decisions about investments and spending. As such, it’s one of the best-paying jobs in Brazil.  

How do you become a financial analyst? 

The requirements for a role as a financial analyst aren’t as rigid as some of the other high-paying jobs out there. You’ll usually need a degree in a related field, such as economics, finance or statistics. However, MBA graduates also tend to have an advantage when it comes to finding a job. 

How much do financial analysts make? 

The average gross monthly salary for a financial analyst in Brazil is between 1,435 BRL and 4,507 BRL.

Explore ‘Financial Analysis’ microcredential

This microcredential provides professional training in financial analysis. You’ll learn the fundamentals of financial accounting techniques and improve your analytical skills.



What is a surgeon?

When it comes to surgical procedures, there are a lot of medical professionals involved. Surgeons are effectively the team leaders, making sure operations run smoothly. They’re also the doctors who carry out surgeries, responsible for the care of the patient before, during, and after the operation. Often, surgeons specialise in one area of medicine, making this one of the best-paying jobs in Brazil. 

How do you become a surgeon? 

If you want to become a surgeon, you’ll first need to qualify as a medical doctor. From there, you’ll need to spend several years training within a hospital. After your initial training, you’ll gain further clinical experience as you learn your specialisation.

How much do surgeons make?

The average gross monthly salary for a doctor in Brazil is between 1,777 BRL and 4,045 BRL. 

Explore healthcare courses

If you want to one day become a surgeon, why not start by learning about some of the fundamentals of various areas of healthcare?



What is a dentist? 

Dentists are medical professionals who are responsible for the oral health of their patients. They perform everything from simple mouth check-ups to major surgeries. Often, dentists will specialise in one specific area of dentistry. 

How do you become a dentist? 

As with other medical jobs, the road to becoming a dentist is a long one. You’ll usually have to complete a dental degree over around 5 years, before taking on postgraduate training such as dental school. You’ll then have to register with the relevant dental governing bodies. 

How much do dentists make?

The average gross monthly salary for a dentist in Brazil is between 1,923 BRL and 4,323 BRL.

Discover `our dentistry courses

Learn about the fundamentals of dentistry, such as tooth morphology, dental restorations, and the roles of different dental specialists.



What is a lawyer? 

When we use the term lawyer, we usually mean a professional who is either a qualified barrister or solicitor. A barrister is someone who represents clients in court, researching, preparing and presenting their case. A solicitor, on the other hand, is someone who gives legal advice to their clients. In both respects, they must have a detailed knowledge of the law in order to uphold it. 

How do you become a lawyer? 

The role of a lawyer is one of the best-paying jobs in Brazil. As such, it takes a lot of studying to become one. First, you must study for a Bachelor of Laws degree from an accredited institution, which takes five years. Once you’ve attained your degree, you’ll have to pass the Brazilian Bar Association examination. 

How much do lawyers make? 

The average gross monthly salary for a lawyer in Brazil is between 1,507 BRL and 4,037 BRL.

Explore Law courses

If you want to start studying towards becoming a qualified lawyer, you can take an online course to start building your knowledge.


Mechanical Engineer

What is a mechanical engineer? 

Mechanical engineering is a branch of engineering that’s required in most industries. Specialists in this field focus on developing practical solutions, products and processes in a variety of areas. They get involved with everything from designing minuscule parts to testing large machinery.  Mechanical engineers are in high demand, making it one of the best-paying jobs in Brazil. 

How do you become a mechanical engineer?

You’ll generally need a high level of education to become a mechanical engineer. Firstly, you’ll need to complete a degree in a relevant engineering subject. After that, you’ll most likely need a master’s qualification. Some job roles may require you to pass the EIT exam and have a membership in a professional society. 

How much do mechanical engineers make? 

The average gross monthly salary for a mechanical engineer in Brazil is between 1,491 BRL and 3,691 BRL. 

Explore engineering courses

If you want to learn about some of the different fields of engineering, one of our online courses is the ideal place to start.


Software Developer

What is a software developer? 

The role of a software developer (also known as a software engineer) is to develop and utilise new software, programs, and technologies. As such, they require a working knowledge of science, maths, and computer programming. Software developers also work on solving complex problems. As in many countries, it’s one of the best-paying jobs in Brazil. 

How to become a software developer? 

Software developers need to have a detailed understanding of IT and computer systems. As such, a degree in computer science or a related field can be an excellent foundation. However, as with many similar industries, experience, paid or otherwise, is highly valued. 

How much do software developers make?

The average gross monthly salary for a software engineer in Brazil is between 1,670 BRL and 7,054 BRL. 

Explore coding and programming courses

Software engineers need a wide range of skills related to writing code and computer programs. With one of our online courses, you can learn the basics. 


HR Manager

What is an HR manager? 

HR managers are responsible for a wide range of human resources activities within a business. This includes things like creating and implementing procedures, managing budgets, and planning HR strategies. It’s a role that requires communication with every department within an organisation, making sure the hiring process runs smoothly. Because of the level of responsibility, it’s one of the best-paying jobs in Brazil. 

How do you become an HR manager? 

You don’t need a specific qualification to become an HR manager. However, you will need experience in skills and experience in things like management, leadership, and administration. Experience working within HR is essential, as are communication and people skills. 

How much do HR managers earn? 

The average gross monthly salary for a software engineer in Brazil is between 1,130 BRL and 3,970 BRL. 

Discover ‘Introduction to International Human Resources Management’

With this course, you’ll learn some of the theory and practice that goes into human resource management. It can be the ideal first step in becoming an HR manager.

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