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Creating a social media budget: building your campaign or hero budget

This is the campaign or Hero budget template, which you will be completing as part of the exercise at the end of this lesson. In row A here, you can see asset creation. This is where the costs for your design work, filming, and photography will go. In the middle is post-production. This is for editing, photo manipulation, text overlays, or maybe even resizing costs. And then at the bottom is your planned media spend. In here you’ll put any plan costs around advertising or boosted posts. Along the top here, you’ll see we’ve listed all the months. This is to help with your timings of your budget management and to keep the finance team happy.
Here you can see an example of the campaign or Hero budget template, which has been filled in for a fictional online retailer. Here you can see from April through to June, they will be working on their asset creation and the post-production. They’ve put in each of the costs that they estimate against each month for each row. These are added up month by month and row by row so that you see the total in the bottom right hand corner. Here they’ve decided they’ll be in production from April to June, and they’ll be starting with their paid posts in June and finishing in July. And for campaign two, they’ll be starting work in July and finishing in September.

The video above provides you with an example of how the campaign or hero budget would look for an online retailer. The example has four campaigns per year, however, your organisation or your brand may have as few as one campaign or, on the other side, it may have many more than four.

Building your campaign or hero budget
Usually, the hero content is based on a broader multi-channel campaign. You can adopt whichever term is already in use or works best for your organisation – hero activity or campaign activity.

A campaign will have its own budget and objectives – whether this is owned by the marketing department or a specific project team. So you will keep these budgets separate from your social media hub and help budgets. Marketing activity is most effective when planned in a channel-neutral way, then adding in the right channels to reach the desired audience and in turn meet the campaign objective.

Costs can be shared amongst multiple departments channels and platforms, feel free to break down these costs in your budget if it helps with planning and analysis.

  • Asset creation: shooting photo or video, recording audio
  • Post-production: animation, editing, design, art working and formatting
  • Media spend: ad budget for this campaign only.
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