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Social Media Content Planning

Learn how to plan social media content a month in advance.

Like any media publisher, a social media publisher is most relevant and interesting to your audience when you offer a blend of thoughtfully produced content that squarely meets their informational or entertainment needs.

The content should also be topical to bring them today’s relevant news and talking points filtered through your unique lens. Whilst there is no golden ratio for planned vs reactive content, there is a well-tested process for managing these various creative processes in your business.

Firstly, your planned content should be plotting out your content plan each month in advance. This may be a month in advance depending on the scale of your brand and content ambitions.

If you plan a month in advance, the process will look like this:

1st day of the month A calendar with the first day of the month highlighted

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Review last month’s content performance, identifying the best and worst performing content and aiming to explain what specific factors contributed to their results.

1st week of the month A calendar with the first week of the month highlighted

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Brainstorm and define your content for next month. Start with key topical moments and brand moments. Fill in with evergreen (less topical) content as necessary. Plot every individual planned post in your content calendar. Create your content brief from this, defining exactly what visual media, copy and technical production must happen, when and by whom.

Weeks 2-4 of the month A calendar with the last two weeks of the month highlighted

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Will be for the creative production of all of the briefed content. Ideally, you will have most of the content produced before the month begins, though some larger pieces might need more time. Ensure your content is ready a week ahead of publishing.

The month of content publishing
The staff responsible for posting or scheduling content each day refer to the calendar and publish accordingly.

Bigger campaigns, of course, may require more lead time than one month, but your regular planned content should follow this straight-forward process.

Your Task

Evergreen content can be highly valuable to brands and organisations looking to boost their social media presence. Do some research and find one or two examples of content which could be considered evergreen? Explain why you chose it and why you consider it to be evergreen content.

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How to Develop Your Social Media Content Strategy

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