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Why Introduce a New Local Food Product

There are different reasons for creating new food products, but the main reason is to create customer satisfaction and thereby get customers to buy yo
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There are different reasons for creating new food products, but the main reason is to create customer satisfaction and thereby get customers to buy your product over that of your competitors.

Some new products are launched as new businesses however many are not. For existing businesses, launching new products prevents customer apathy towards your business and products and increases sales and hopefully profitability. There are various reasons for creating and launching new products in an existing business and these include:

Product range/menu fatigue

Your customers may indicate that they are tired of your products or menu offerings and are needing a change.

A need to stimulate business

During COVID, many restaurants worldwide were not allowed to serve customers in restaurants. To survive they pivoted to keep going and came up with new concepts on how to get meals to their customers during the lockdowns.

Expansion or change in clientele

Sometimes your market segments change, with this you will need to address the needs of your new market segments. You may be trying to attract a new market to expand. This may mean that you need to develop products that are suited and will attract the new market that you wish to attract. For example, if you find that your market is more child orientated, you may need to consider offering children’s dishes on your menu. If you do not, you may lose your customers with children.

Food trends/fashion changes

We all know that food trends change, keeping up with food trends is important to understand what is in and what your customers are looking for so that you can remain relevant in the market. Ten years ago, you would not have seen many plant-based dished on a menu, today most chefs include plant-based options.

To remain the market leader

Remaining a market leader and not stagnating requires you to be fresh and innovative. Testing and launching new products will help to keep you ahead of the competition.

It is essential that you review your product range often. Actions include removing items that are not selling or that are not profitable, introducing new items and even developing new food items that are unique to your business.

Why local?

Now why would you create a food product for the local market? Simple, it is much easier to conduct market research, test concepts and launch a product to a local market that outside your local area and it is much more cost effective. Understanding markets further afield and exporting products becomes complex.

The Process

A process is used when designing any product. A process is a set of steps that is followed. This this course we will take you through the process, you can refer to this process diagram as we take you through the course.

Product design process

Download a copy of the Product Design Process Product Design Process


Are you taking this course because you are keen to launch your own food product? Why are you keen to do this? Please share your thoughts with other learners on the course with you in the Comments section below.

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