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This step covers the use of keywords in social media strategy.

Keywords are the key terms around your sector/brand that you want to track and get insight into. This can be difficult for some brands and there will be some element of discovery as you go out and hunt for the conversations around your subject area.

If you have no knowledge of your key terms, start with your brand or product names and find other commonly used phrases and words round these. Also, use a tool such as Google Search Console to discover the keywords people use on search to find you.

To achieve the theoretical objective ‘Spend 3 months gathering public opinions about our brand in relation to the developing concerns about fuel and the environment’, you would select keywords around the company name and words related to what you want to know about.

It may take some research and trial and error to find the terminology that people use on social media, it may not be the same jargon you would use within your organisation.

Join the discussion

Think about a popular brand, product or service in your country or a country you have visited recently. Brainstorm some keywords which you think the brand should be paying attention to and share in the comments below.

Use the discussion section below and let us know your thoughts. Once you’re happy with your contribution, click the “Mark as Complete” button to check the Step off, then you can move to the next step.

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