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Why do you need a social media strategy?

This article introduces you to the importance of developing a thorough social media strategy. Let's explore.

The importance of a social media strategy

A social media strategy will ensure that social media is contributing to the visibility and goals of your brand or organisation. This consistent messaging helps reinforce your brand messaging, increasing the memorability of your marketing.

In the presentation above, Aiden Carroll outlines what he sees as the core tenets of an effective social media strategy.

TCS Media

TCS Media ran an interesting experiment looking at our exposure to advertising in the UK. They found that depending on your place of work, or mode of transport, you would see between 158 and 838 adverts per day.

So, while getting your brand noticed is important, reinforcing your message is the key to getting a response.

This infographic presents data about digital users around the world.

Reinforcing your message

Social media has a critical role in this process. According to Hootsuite, more than 40% of digital consumers use social networks to research new brands or products.

This totals almost 3.5 billion people globally. You need an intelligent strategy to ensure you’re reaching the right audience, at the right time, with content tailored to them.

A strategic approach

Social media relies on a fully integrated, strategic approach. Whilst quick, tactical, activity can seem fruitful and satisfying in the short term, you can’t build a brand without seeing your entire communications output holistically.

If done right, consumers will see you as one cohesive entity- whether they are in a physical store or responding to one of your tweets.

How to get into the social media strategy mindset

Modern companies see all their marketing plans through a social and digital lens.

To get into this mindset, keep asking yourself questions like:

  • How could this in-store activity stimulate online traffic?
  • Why would people share it?
  • How could this packaging promote social action at the consumer’s most engaged touchpoint?
  • How does this TV ad idea drive the conversation on social?

Thinking strategically in this way, rather than treating social media as an afterthought, is vital to success in the channel.

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Understanding Social Media Strategy

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