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Being an employee

Josef describes his experience of being an employee and the relationship to supervisors and managers.
This week, we’ll start talking about the roles in the workplace. Having had both the employee role and the manager role in projects, I will try to express and share my experiences that I’ve had in both of these, starting with the roles of the employee and the experience I’ve had. First thing that I would like to share is that the boss or the manager has absolutely no idea of the problem that I’m working on, how much work I already have, my schedule, how many tasks I have taken on. If I’m working a 40 hour work week or 60 hour work week or 20 hours, my manager usually does not know.
Another thing my manager usually does not know is why is it take it so much time, why I don’t have any results in already. Why am I struggling on something? So there are certain things that I’ve noticed that I struggled with in my relationship with my manager. Then there are the meetings, very, very frustrating, especially in times when you might be working at home. I’ve noticed that meetings, the frequency of meetings have gone up. And it can be very, very frustrating if you are invited to lots and lots of meetings where maybe only five minutes are relevant to what you actually need.
And there are just so interruptive sometimes, and you feel like there are so many different tasks that you are expected to prepare that don’t really feel relevant. So being able to prioritize or even improvise certain aspects or certain points that you’re supposed to bring to the meeting is very helpful and valuable, but it can be very frustrating. I also noticed many unscheduled status updates, my manager coming in and asking to see results, to see what have you been up to? Can you show me something working? Can you show me the problem that you’re trying to solve? I need to see results, and I might be in the middle of trying to solve something. And nothing at the moment works.
I have nothing to show, even though I’ve been working diligently for a long time. But right now I don’t actually have something to show that actually works. It’s very, very frustrating. And also sometimes in the eyes of my manager, I kind of see a doubt. Did I really produce anything or have I been relaxing or skipping out of work, or maybe it’s just my paranoia playing tricks on me. There is also a lot of changing requirements. Changing of time and deadlines.
Suddenly, I’m supposed to be expected to deliver something of a different date than I had planned for and my schedule, my 40 hour perfectly planned schedule, normally it isn’t, but if I manage to balance my schedule, suddenly I need to put a lot of work into completing something right now for some reason. And sometimes I don’t even know why, it comes out of the blue unexpectedly. And I feel like I have to to to conform to expectations and deliver what my boss expects or my manager expects from me.
And it’s stressful, it’s frustrating, and sometimes I don’t even like my manager and boss that much because it puts a lot of work on my shoulders and stress and anxiety of delivering. And there are reasons for most of these things. But what I’ve learned is that if I deliver on time, if I make sure that I say no or ask to reprioritize or ask to ask for help. It’s usually is better for me in the end. So be diligent. Be sure that you manage your work week, that you keep your 40 hours. Because that is important for enjoying your work life and managing your time.

In this video Josef describes his experience of being an employee and the relation to supervisors and managers.


Before moving on, what is your experience with supervisors and managers? Do you recognise the situations described in the video? Put your thoughts in the comments section below

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