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Let’s celebrate our success

Congratulations on completing the course.
Hello, everyone. Thank you for participating in the course. It’s been a really enjoyable and productive couple of weeks, and we hope you’re feeling motivated to take the next step forward in your research. Yes, we have covered a lot of territory in a short space of time and achieved so much together. We trust you’ve broadened your knowledge and skill base and can now identify what makes for good qualitative research. From the initial design, through data collection and analysis, you’ve been introduced to the tools you need to continue your journey in the world of research. Together, we’ve worked on ideas for research topics and examined a range of qualitative research projects.
We’ve explored interview skills and highlighted problems inherent with the human analyst. We hope we have awakened your passion and confidence in undertaking a qualitative research project and have completed the task of preparing a research planning document, which is a valuable piece for your portfolio. Your research story doesn’t need to end here. Our next course in the series starts shortly. Be on the lookout for why numbers matter and the others that follow that. Together, we will guide you to complete a comprehensive research proposal. We look forward to seeing you then.

You’ve made it!

We’re so pleased you’ve completed the course. Congratulations. We trust you’re feeling more confident and inspired to take the next steps in your research project and can now answer the big question in relation to qualitative research: ‘Why does experience matter?’

We look forward to seeing you in the following courses in this series as we continue to help you on your journey to achieve remarkable research outcomes. Register your interest now for Course 3 Why Numbers Matter: Quantitative Research and also Course 4 Why Ethics Matter: Ethical Research.

Your task

Reflect on your learning and in the comments section share what you have enjoyed most about the course. We’d love to hear about your experiences and appreciate any feedback you have.

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Why Experience Matters: Qualitative Research

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