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The teachers

You will engage in the discussions with several teachers in this course. Click on a photo to go to their People Page from the University of Twente.

Week 9 Summary

This is already the end of the session about HRM & Innovation. In this video, Maarten will summarize the session’s content.

What about the future?

To date, social exchanges in organizations mostly took place between work-floor employees and managers. However, these days an increasing number of firms are using new technologies to manage their employees. …

Social Exchange Theory (SET)

Several studies explain the positive effects of HRM policies and practices on innovation outcomes by using social exchange theory (Blau, 1964). In this video, Maarten will explain this theory.

For what and whom?

In a discussion about the effect of HRM initiatives on outcomes, we need to ask ourselves: What does the organization aim to reach? What are the objectives? For example, we …

Contribution of HRM to Innovation

How does HRM contribute to innovation? Research shows that several policies and practices and HR systems can positively support innovation and IWB. Shipton and colleagues (2006) show the importance of …

Stimulation of creativity

The video will show a 2-minute countdown. Play the video to set the timer for this exercise. One way to stimulate creative thinking is to write down as many uses …

Innovation & Creativity

Based on an extensive review, the researchers Crossan and Apaydin (2010) developed the following definition: Innovation is: production or adoption, assimilation, and exploitation of a value-added novelty in economic and …


dr. ir. Jan de Leede is Assistant Professor of HRM at the University of Twente. His focus in research and teaching is on team-based work, job design, new ways of …

Interview with Dutch Fire Services

Our guests for this session are Ymko Attema and Leonie Wiersma, responsible for the The Netherlands Fire Service. We asked them questions about HRM at their organization.


So, how to become a future proof manager? Master your skills further to design HRM systems that are fit for the future! Develop resilient HRM. You can use the Ability-Motivation-Opportunity …

Uniqueness & Targets

We already discussed elements of an HRM system and that they are interrelated because it is an open system. But how to design such an HRM system that would be …

Interview with Eugène Oostenbrink

Our guest for this session is Eugène Oostenbrink, director of Human Resources at luxury Hotel Okura Amsterdam. We asked him questions about HRM systems at their firm.


An HRM System is an Open system because … (1) it is composed of parts (HRM philosophy, HRM policies, HRM practices); (2) these parts – HRM practices are interrelated; and …