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COVID-19: Free coronavirus course for front-line health professionals

Join St George's University of London's free online course to get practical advice for responding to Covid-19 as a front-line healthcare professional.

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Health services around the world are straining to prepare their health systems and infrastructure for the impact of the coronavirus pandemic. 

Whilst the final impact of the outbreak cannot be predicted, the unprecedented influx of critical care patients expected to hit hospitals globally means healthcare professionals and services are scrambling to respond. 

A professional response

St George’s University of London has created an online course, Managing COVID-19 in General Practice, specifically designed for front-line clinicians, healthcare workers and professionals who are or will be caring for the large volume of patients during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Those who join the course will be able to access up-to-date advice on keeping their primary care practice running safely.

The course outlines the epidemiology, clinical symptoms, and current management of COVID-19 as it stands and will follow the evolving situation in the UK.

Participants will learn how to complete a safe assessment of a suspected COVID-19 case and discover the best protocol to protect themselves and others going forward.

The course will be relevant to healthcare professionals around the globe but will be based around the evolving guidance of UK public health bodies.

Expert advice

The free course will be led by experts from St George’s University of London, including professor of general practice Pippa Oakeshott, academic clinical fellow in primary care Mohammad Razai, and paediatric infectious diseases and epidemiologist consultant Shamez Ladhani. 

With the amount of news and advice emerging on Covid-19 increasing every day, a factual, professional, up-to-date guide for healthcare responders is vital.

Dr Mohammad Razai explained that this course, “will take participants through the most useful and up-to-date research and guidance”. 

Dr Mohammad said that the university’s aim is to support professionals to take a “concise, practical and, where possible, evidence-based approach to dealing with Covid-19 in primary care.”

Join for free

Teaching for Managing COVID-19 in General Practice starts 6 April. The course will run for two weeks and will require around 2 hours of study per week. 

At FutureLearn, we’re committed to supporting the public in any way we can slow and defeat the spread of this disease. 

As our Global Healthcare Lead, Helen Fuller, puts it, “Supporting those working within the NHS at this difficult and testing time is imperative”.

Our expert partners are working to ensure healthcare professionals have the necessary information and guidance they need to best treat patients whilst reducing the risks to themselves.

Join today.

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