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Finding an hour to start a course: our 5 top tips

It can be difficult to find the time to learn, so we’ve put together 5 tops tips to help you find an hour to start that course you’ve been meaning to do. You’ll be amazed at what you can achieve in just 60 minutes.


1. Get up early

First thing in the morning can be a great time to learn: it’s quiet because the world hasn’t woken up yet, your brain is rested from a night of sleep and you can get a real sense of accomplishment from achieving something for yourself before going to work.

2. Don’t waste your commute

FutureLearn is designed to be used on phones and tablets so you can learn on the move. Why spend your commute gazing out the window or at the sleeping person opposite you, when you could be exploring the underbelly of the art world or writing your first novel?

3. Take a lunch break

Learning goes well with lunch – your body gets the fuel it needs and so does your brain. So swap the hour you might spend on Excel or presentations or emails for an hour of learning. You might even learn something you can use to help you do your job.

4. Cancel something

Or reschedule. Now could be the time to have another look at your priorities for the week – is there something happening which is less important (or less interesting) than learning? Those chores could probably wait until next week.

5. Save the boxset

We all love a good binge watch, but sadly putting a 12-hour Game of Thrones marathon on your CV just isn’t socially acceptable. Try swapping an hour of TV for an hour of learning – it’s only an hour and you’ll feel like you’ve really earned your dose of King’s Landing after.

Ready to start your hour now? Go to your courses or find a new course to start.

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