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Top 25 online courses in Thailand – June 2020

Online learning is highly popular in the growing economy of Thailand, with learners looking to improve their English language, workplace skills, and much more! Discover the top 25 most popular courses in June 2020.

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Thailand has the second-biggest economy in the rapidly growing ASEAN region.

In this era of growth, more and more Thai learners are signing up to learn online.

Whilst there’s a clear focus on learning English, as the nation looks increasingly outwards to the world, among the top-25 courses in Thailand in June 2020, there were topics as diverse as 16th-century English history, sustainable fashion, and computer programming.

Read on to discover more.

1. Basic English 1: Elementary

English is the global language of business, education, and tourism. This entry-level English-language course will help learners to build confidence in everyday situations and improve their listening skills.

It will serve as a great first step for those who aspire to work for an international organisation or study abroad in the future.  This English language course could also benefit those working in the tourism industry.

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2. Basic English 2: Pre-Intermediate

This pre-intermediate English course is designed for those ready to take the next step in their English language journey. The course builds upon the skills developed on the elementary course.

You will explore how to speak English in a wider range of everyday situations and further improve your listening skills, taking you a little bit closer to achieving your English-language goals.

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3. Create a Social Media Marketing Campaign

Social media has changed the way in which organisations and audiences communicate with each other beyond recognition. These channels have created huge new marketing opportunities, particularly in nations like Thailand where social media penetration is high.

To seize these opportunities, however, we must develop effective campaigns. On this course, you will discover what makes up a social media campaign, how to identify target audiences and choose the right channels, and how to measure success.

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4. What is Leadership?

The success of every organisation in the world is dependent on strong leadership. As economies in the ASEAN region strengthen and look increasingly outwards, strong leadership skills are more in demand than ever to guide businesses through these changing times.

This course from Deakin University will help aspiring leaders discover more about themselves, through an exploration of the concept of leadership and how it differs from management.

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5. Introduction to Psychology: The History and Science of Psychology

Today psychology is a well-established field, the applications of which range from medicine to advertising to government. But how did psychology as we know it develop to reach this prominent position?

This course, offered by Monash University, explores the history of the subject, from its roots in philosophy to its current status as a rigorous scientific field. Through this lens, the course also explores the multidisciplinary potential of the scientific method.

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6. Computer Programming for Everyone

As in many global economies, Thailand is seeing an emerging skills gap in fields such as coding and programming. To help fulfil the goals of the Thailand 4.0 economic plan, the Thai Ministry of Education is pushing for these skills to be taught at schools.

It’s not just younger learners who can benefit, however. This course provides an accessible introduction to those interested in learning these key modern skills, exploring the basics of coding languages and programming. At the end of the course, learners will write their first program.  

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7. Understanding Fashion: From Business to Culture

It is estimated that fashion industry revenue in Thailand will reach $577 million over the course of 2020. But fashion is about more than just business: it is also a mirror of contemporary culture and society.

This course is designed for those who would like to deepen their understanding of how the fashion industry works, considering it from both of these perspectives.

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8. Understanding IELTS

Those who want to study or work in an English-speaking environment will often need to prove their proficiency in the language through official certification. The most popular English test in the world is the IELTS. This test is split into four key areas: listening, reading, writing, and speaking.

These four courses from the British Council, one of the administrators of the test, explain each of these sections, what is being tested, and what you need to do get a passing mark.  

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9. COVID-19: Tackling the Novel Coronavirus

Like nearly every other country in the world, Thailand has been affected by the coronavirus pandemic which has dominated headlines for much of 2020. This hugely popular course, from the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, is designed for those who want to understand more about COVID-19, beyond the headlines.

The course is delivered by healthcare experts and focuses on the latest findings, as well as the origins of the deadly outbreak.

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10. Language Assessment in the Classroom

The development of language skills is essential for those who want to live, work, or study overseas – or for those who want to work for an international company in Thailand. Language teachers play a central role in helping people achieve these dreams.

This course is aimed at these teachers, to support them in the art of assessment by exploring practical solutions to allow them to best judge the progress of their learners.

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11. A History of Royal Fashion

The UK’s Queen Elizabeth II is often listed among the world’s leading style icons, with her distinctive colour-coordinated wardrobe. But she is not the first British royalty to be lauded for her sense of style.

This course looks back through the history of British royal fashion, picking through the glamorous wardrobes of several different dynasties from different eras of history. As well as enjoying the clothes for themselves, the course also looks at their wider influence on fashion history and society.

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12. Understanding IELTS: Speaking

Speaking can be one of the hardest parts of learning a new foreign language, but it is also one of the most important. This IELTS course from the British Council, which is one of the administrators of the test, focuses on the speaking component of the test.

Learners will become familiarised with the three parts of the test, and the four criteria by which their spoken English will be assessed. Understanding the IELTS test will allow candidates to focus their preparation and approach the test with confidence.

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13. Introduction to Chinese: Conversation

English may be the most popular language to learn, but north of Thailand, we also find another important international language, particularly in Asia: Chinese Mandarin.

As Chinese business interests expand internationally, and more Chinese tourists travel to Thailand, a grasp of Mandarin can prove useful for those who want to broaden their horizons. This is a course for beginners, teaching learners their first 150 Mandarin words through interactive and fun exercises.

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14. Teaching English Online

Learning English can open many doors in terms of work or study. For some, however, it can be difficult to get access to lessons. Those who live in rural communities or those with busy schedules, for example.

Online English teaching offers a solution, allowing greater flexibility and access than ever before – especially during the coronavirus pandemic. However, teaching online is an art that requires a considered approach from language teachers.

This course, from leading English language teaching provider Cambridge Assessment English, is designed to help these teachers achieve the best results.

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15. Understanding IELTS: Reading

As with the speaking test course above, this British Council course focuses on one element of the IELTs test to help takers in their preparation.

On this course, the focus is on the IELTS reading test. Learners will explore the format of the test, the types of text they will need to read, and the nature of the tasks with which they will be faced.

The course will also cover general strategies to improve reading skills that will be useful even after the test.

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16. Collaborative Working in a Remote Team

The coronavirus pandemic has meant that many of us have had to become accustomed to working in remote teams. In truth, however, this has merely accelerated a trend that we were already seeing in the business world – as anyone who works for a multiregional or international company will tell you.

This course is designed to support those entering the world of remote working, looking at the challenges and benefits, collaboration technology, and project management tools.

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17. Innovation: The Fashion Industry

The fashion industry has always thrived on innovation, be it in the development of new materials and clothing items, or in marketing and advertising.

This course from the University of Leeds uses famed British retailer Marks & Spencer as a case study, looking back at how its development of new clothing materials has made our lives easier and more comfortable. You’ll also study an item of clothing from your own wardrobe, to understand how fashion innovation made it possible.

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18. Presenting Your Work with Impact

Being able to present and share your ideas with colleagues is an essential modern skill, but one that does not always come naturally. This course is designed to support those who want to improve their presentation skills.

You’ll learn how to organise your ideas, make a clear case, and choose the right presentation tools to deliver your message. Ultimately, you’ll be able to present your ideas with assurance, knowing that they will be fairly judged on their own merits.

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19. English for the Workplace

This course from the British Council is designed for those who specifically want to learn to speak English in the workplace. Learning is focused around key workplace situations such as job interviews, starting work, and beginning to work with new colleagues.

This course can be a good option for those who want to build confidence in their English before starting a new job, and who prefer to learn languages in real-life contexts.

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20. English in Early Childhood: Language Learning and Development

The first few years of our lives represent a critical period during which it is easier for us to learn a language. Many parents will want to give their children a head start by beginning to teach them English during these early years.

This course explores strategies to help parents and others responsible for young learners to teach effectively through the medium through which they learn best: playing.

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21. Understanding Language: Learning and Teaching

This English language teaching course is a little more conceptual than others on this list, considering wider questions around second-language learning, drawn from the University of Southampton’s MA in English Language Teaching.

On this course, you’ll explore how teaching affects language acquisition, how technology can be used to support teaching, and how English rose to prominence as the world’s most popular second language.

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22. The Tudors

As evidenced by the success of Netflix series The Tudors and Hilary Mantel’s award-winning Wolf Hall, we are fascinated by the Tudor period of English history. Running from the ascent of Henry VII to the throne in 1485 until the death of his granddaughter Elizabeth I in 1603. this period was hugely significant in the nation’s history.

Under these five monarchs, we saw the dramatic creation of the Church of England, the England Renaissance in the arts, and countless intrigues and power struggles. If you want to go beyond what you’ve seen on television and learn more about this period from academic experts, this course could be for you!

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23. Digital Skills: Digital Skills for Work and Life

The 21st century has seen a digital revolution, that has changed the way we work and live beyond recognition.

Digital skills are essential not just in most workplaces, but in our day-to-day lives. FutureLearn has teamed up with global professional services firm Accenture to offer a range of free courses designed to help learners acquire key digital skills.

This course is an introduction to the series, giving an overview of how digital skills have become central to our lives, and then outlining some of the most essential skills.

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24. Inside IELTS: Preparing for the Test with the Experts

This course focuses on preparing learners for the IELTS Academic test, which assesses the language skills of those applying to study at English-speaking higher education institutes.

Sign up if you want to get an overview of the test, learn how to improve your score, and complete real IELTS practice tasks, as part of a community of learners and experts. It is offered by Cambridge Assessment English, one of the administrators of the IELTS.

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25. Fashion and Sustainability: Understanding Luxury Fashion in a Changing World

In recent years, the fashion world has become much more aware of the importance of sustainability.

This course from the London College of Fashion, in partnership with luxury fashion group Kering, explores how the $2.4 trillion global fashion industry is beginning to change in respect of this.

You’ll learn about what sustainability in fashion means, how we can take a sustainability-first approach, and the contribution the industry can make to addressing shared global challenges.

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