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What is co-creation in CX?

Dr. Barbara Czyzewska explains the importance of co-creating in CX where customers are part of a staged experience.

Expert interview

Wellness expert Mariana Palmeiro shares her experience in developing luxury longevity programs and how it relates to transformative experiences.

A history of luxury

This part of the course focuses on understanding the origins of luxury over time. Where did the word come from, and why does it exist? What are the historical and …

The importance of personalization

One of the most effective ways brands have to deliver on personal guest needs and aspirations is to further invest in personalization tools for product design, experience, and delivery. In …

What is the transformation economy?

Further to the concept of the experience economy defined by Pine and Gilmore in 1998, the latest decades of market dynamics, economic growth, technological development, and globalization have led to …