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Image credits for week 2

All of the images used within week 2 of the course were produced by Abertay University teams, individuals, or friends of the university. The credits are as follows: Introduction: Image …

Suggested reading

VISUAL DESIGN Gurney, J. 2010. Colour and Light: A Guide for the Realist Painter. Kansas City: Andrews McMeel Publishing. McCloud, S. 1994. Understanding Comics: The Invisible Art. New York: Harper …

Week 2 summary

In this final week of the course, we have focussed on the visual design of game characters. Firstly, we considered the importance of visual design principles, taking a lot of …

Nonverbal Communication Expression

Another lesson we can take from human nature concerns our universal behaviours, in the form of nonverbal communication. While many of the ways we communicate nonverbally are culture-dependent, we can …

Understanding human anatomy

In this slideshow, we will discuss how an understanding of anatomy is vital to the practice of character art. We will discuss some general biological principles that help us to …

Defining visual style

Finally, we will discuss how we might define the overall visual style that can be applied to the design of a game character.

Colour theory for character design

Following our discussion of line, shape, and silhouette, we will now discuss how colour theory can be applied to the visual design of game characters.

Line, shape, and silhouette

To begin our discussion of visual design, we will first consider how line, shape, and silhouette can be used to help communicate a character’s personality to players.

Video game character art

In this slideshow, we will consider a brief history of the visual design of video game characters, from the very first computer game systems up to present day consoles.

Favourite character visualisations

Students of Abertay University provide some thoughts on their favourite video game character visualisations. After watching the video, please add a comment that identifies the character visual design you like …