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Introduction to the NHS values

When you undertake a programme of study that leads to an academic and professional award, like in nursing or midwifery, you’ll have an opportunity to develop the knowledge and skills you need to become a registered nurse or midwife. However, you need more than knowledge and skills to be a nurse or midwife – you also need the right attitudes and values.

The National Health Service (NHS) has moved in recent years to values based recruitment. This is because they want to be sure to recruit the right workforce, not only with the right skills and in the right numbers, but with the right values to support effective team working in delivering excellent patient care and experience.

The six values the NHS looks for are set out in the NHS Constitution (Department of Health 2015). If you’re considering a career as a nurse or midwife, or indeed any other healthcare profession, the NHS Constitution is essential reading. Along with the NHS values, it sets out the seven key principles upon which the NHS is founded, as well as the rights and responsibilities of patients and staff.

The six values in the NHS Constitution are:

  1. Working together for patients
  2. Respect and dignity
  3. Commitment to quality care
  4. Compassion
  5. Improving live
  6. Everyone counts

Because these values are so important, this two-week course focuses on them completely. You will explore each value through articles, discussions with fellow learners, patient case studies, and videos from both students and academic staff. In doing so, hopefully you will see how they underpin all the work you are going to do as a professional carer.

Good luck and enjoy the course!

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Understanding NHS Values: Becoming a Nurse or Midwife

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