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Sponsored courses: free online courses with certifications in October 2020

Whether you want to upskill and boost your career or learn new knowledge on different topics, take a look at the wide range of sponsored courses we offer. You can enrol today and earn a free certificate to show your friends or your future employers.

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FutureLearn works with leading universities and organizations around the world to offer our learners relevant, high quality courses across a huge range of topics. In most cases, you can upgrade in order to get a certification and ongoing access to the course materials so that you can refer back to it again and again. However, in some instances we work with partners to sponsor courses, so that all learners can receive a free certificate and access for as long as it’s on FutureLearn.

That means that you can show friends, family, colleagues, and potential employers that you’ve completed the course and you’re ready to put your new skills to the test. Take a look at the options below to enrol in a sponsored course today and upskill, ready for your next challenge.

English courses with a certificate

Improve your English by studying online, and gain a certificate to show off your knowledge. You can study for the IELTS exam, improve your English for the workplace, or just prepare for your next holiday.


Digital skills courses with a certificate

Hone your digital skills and get a certificate to prove it. Digital skills run the gamut from coding and marketing through to game development, and can seriously improve your earning potential.


Digital marketing courses with a certificate

Even throughout the pandemic, digital marketing skills have been in high demand. Pivot to a new career or upskill for a promotion.


Business courses with a certificate

Whether you need help drafting contracts, planning strategically, or managing a team, we have a suite of courses from the world’s top universities to help you. And of course, these come with a free certificate too.


Healthcare courses with a certificate

Keep your knowledge current or get a grounding before embarking on a healthcare degree here – our sponsored courses include a variety of COVID-related courses, nursing courses, and even genetic counselling.


Coding courses with a certificate

Learning to code can boost your salary by 38% – and you can do it online, for free. Check out our sponsored coding courses or even get an introduction to indie games to change careers.


Courses to help you with your job hunt

In a competitive market, you need to stand out. We have a range of courses available to help you with your job hunt, covering everything from creating a professional online presence, through to presenting your work well at interviews and overcoming imposter syndrome.


Psychology courses with a certificate

Whether you’re fascinated by human psychology or you’re considering a career change, we have a variety of psychology courses available to help. Our sponsored courses include psychological first aid, developmental psychology, and help with managing low mood during COVID.


Nursing courses with a certificate

Nurses are in demand around the world – if you’re considering a career change or already work as a nurse but want to upskill, here’s a selection of courses with free certificates.


Wellbeing courses with a certificate

Take care of yourself and those around you with a wellbeing course – this month’s sponsored courses include psychological first aid and resilience training.


Teaching courses with a certificate

Teaching in 2020 has required new technology, new outlooks, and new strategies. These courses are designed to help you teach online and match your approaches to developmental psychology.


Career development courses with a certificate

Whether you’re changing careers or aiming for a promotion, we have a variety of courses that can help you. This month’s sponsored courses include training on how to move from a friend to leader when you’re promoted and introductions to a range of exciting industries.


More courses with a certificate

Want more? Gain certificates in production design, creative AI, financial management, and more.


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