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Top 25 online courses in Hong Kong – June 2020

Discover the most popular online courses in Hong Kong. In our rundown of the top 25, you can also find links to enrol in a wide variety of fascinating subjects.

Hong Kong

For the past 10 years, e-learning in Hong Kong has been gaining popularity. Many higher education institutions have been using technology for internet-based learning for some time. It gives learners the chance to study remotely, as well as explore their interests and progress their skills in many different areas.

We’ve outlined the 25 most popular online courses among FutureLearn learners from Hong Kong. 

1. COVID-19: Tackling the Novel Coronavirus

Since the first cases were reported in December 2019, the novel coronavirus pandemic has changed the lives of people across the world. This course looks at how COVID-10 emerged and how it spreads, as well as the measures countries have taken to combat it. As one of our most popular courses in Hong Kong and other countries, the course has received a rating of 4.8 out of 5 stars from our learners. 

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2. MedTech: Trends and Product Design

Technology is helping to drive innovation in the healthcare industry, and Hong Kong is one of the countries at the cutting edge of medtech devices. This course, accredited by the CPD Certification Service, looks at the present and future of medical technologies. It explores how these devices are developed, as well as some of the challenges and opportunities in this field.

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3. Understanding IELTS

The IELTS is one of the most widely-recognised English-language exams. Around 5 million people across 140 countries take the IELTS each year, testing their reading, writing, speaking and listening abilities. With our Understanding IELTS program, you’ll get a detailed view on how each test is structured. You’ll also learn strategies to deal with each element, which can help give you the confidence to perform to your potential.

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4. Preparing for University

Although university places in Hong Kong are limited, many students decide to study abroad. It’s therefore no surprise that this course on preparing for university is so popular. It outlines some of the essential skills every student needs, including critical thinking and analysis. It helps students understand the skills and knowledge they’ll need to cope with the university learning environment. 

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5. Teaching English Online

If the last few months have taught us anything, it’s that there is a definite need for competent online teachers. For those who teach English, taking your classes online can bring many benefits. It means you’ll find work in many places around the world and engage with your students in an online environment. This course helps teachers transfer their existing skills to the virtual classroom.

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6. Creating a Great User Experience for Mobile Apps

Mobile apps are pretty ubiquitous these days. Just about every company with an online presence also has a mobile app. Most people don’t realise how easy-to-use these programs are – they seem intuitive and straightforward. But each app is designed with the user experience (UX) in mind, and it takes a lot of planning and effort. This course delves into the basics of mobile app UX, covering how to design and test an app.

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7. How to Teach Online: Providing Continuity for Students

There has been a huge shift towards online learning since the outbreak of COVID-19. At one point, 1.2 billion children were out of school. For teachers and educators, this means having to adapt to a new way of engaging with students. On this course, you’ll learn to reflect on your existing teaching style and how to adapt it to a virtual classroom.

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8. Understanding IELTS: Writing

In the writing section of the IELTS exam, students are given 60 minutes to complete two essays. The first section focuses on the interpretation of data, while the second requires an essay that argues a point. In this course, you’ll learn techniques that can help you approach these essays in a structured and calm way. You’ll also explore how your answers will be assessed and how you can succeed in this section of the test.

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9. Teaching for Success: Lessons and Teaching

English language teachers around the world can benefit from this course from the British Council. It’s focused on your continuing professional development and looks at a variety of skills you can use in your career. As well as how to manage resources and take responsibility for your own development, you’ll also learn how to plan and manage classroom lessons.

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10. Understanding Fashion: From Business to Culture

Hong Kong’s fashion industry has long been one of its strongest manufacturing sectors. The city-state acts as a global hub for production and clothing sourcing. This course examines both the cultural and corporate side of fashion. It gives learners the opportunity to gain insight from industry professionals, as well as study a variety of skills needed in the world of fashion.

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11. Understanding IELTS: Speaking

Although the speaking session of the IELTS is the shortest at around 14 minutes long, it’s often one of the more challenging ones. This course from the British Council can help prepare those taking the test for what will be expected of them. It also contains tips and techniques to build confidence in your English speaking.

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12. Becoming a Better Music Teacher

Music teachers are tasked with nurturing their students’ talents and abilities. They also have to keep students engaged in lessons and give them the confidence to show creativity. This course allows you to reflect on your current teaching methods and instrumental technique. It gives you the tools to design lesson plans and individual learning goals, while helping you focus on your own development.

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13. English for the Workplace

Hong Kong is a multicultural place where many different languages are spoken. Many tech and finance businesses require a level of English language ability, which is why this course is so popular. Created by the British Council, it helps learners work on their comprehension skills as well as their workplace vocabulary. You’ll also get the chance to improve your English language performance related to applications and interviews.

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14. Start Programming with Python

The ability to write code and computer programs are skills that are futureproof. They can be applied to many personal and professional settings and are sought-after by employers. Python is a programming language that forms an excellent base for your knowledge. This three-part program introduces key programming concepts and allows you to create your own Python programs. 

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15. Genomic Medicine: Transforming Patient Care in Diabetes

Genomics is a field of biology that focuses on the function, evolution and editing of genomes. It’s an area that has rapidly developed over the last few years, bringing exciting advancements in the field of medicine. This course introduces some of the central topics related to genomics. It also explores how genetic diagnosis can help patients with diabetes.

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16. Exploring English: Shakespeare

The works of William Shakespeare still resonate today as much as they did 400 years ago. The famous playwright changed the English language, and his plays have been enjoyed and adapted for generations. This course examines why Shakespeare had such an impact. It covers five of his most well-known plays, looking at some of the language he introduced. 

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17. Forensic Archaeology and Anthropology

Forensics and archaeology are two fascinating subjects in their own right. Forensic archaeology, the science behind the exhumation and identification of skeletal remains, is equally captivating. This course teaches the basics of how various scientific techniques are used to locate, recover and analyse remains. You’ll follow a variety of case studies as you explore the fundamentals of forensics.

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18. How to Create Great Online Content

Most of us create and consume online content on a daily basis. Whether it’s reading the news, watching videos, or creating social media posts, there is a lot of content out there. For businesses, content creation and marketing is an essential tool. But how do you create effective messages that engage with your audience? This course can teach you why it’s so important to keep the customer in mind and how you can structure and plan your content.

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19. Understanding IELTS: Reading

The IELTS reading test takes 60 minutes to complete and consists of 40 questions. It tests a wide range of skills, such as your comprehension, attention to detail, and ability to follow an argument.  This course from the British Council helps learners to develop strategies to cope with the test. It’ll also give you the skills you need to approach different kinds of texts and understand them.

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20. Young People and Their Mental Health

A person’s mental health is just as important as their physical health. For many young people, mental health problems emerge during their teenage years. But unlike with physical issues, it can be hard to recognise and identify when someone is struggling with their mental health. This course is designed for young people to help them identify why it’s an important topic and how they can improve their own mental health.

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21. Introduction to Critical Care Medicine

Critical care is a subject that has been in the news a lot since the COVID-19 outbreak. It’s a rapidly developing area of medicine that can save the lives of those who are seriously ill. This course from the University of Glasgow is aimed at health professionals and students who want to learn more about critical care. It covers topics such as pneumonia, multi-organ failure, and sepsis.

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22. Introduction to Dutch

Learning a new language is always a worthwhile pastime. Whether you’re planning on travelling to the Netherlands or simply have an interest in its culture, this course can teach you some of the basics. Over the span of three weeks, you’ll learn how to introduce yourself and meet others, as well as how to talk about the important things in your life. You’ll also get a glimpse into Dutch culture and experience life in the Netherlands.

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23. Exploring English: Language and Culture

Hong Kong and the UK have a long history. They also share a common language. This course gives learners the chance to learn more about life and culture in the UK while improving their skills and knowledge in the English language. Videos from native speakers explore a range of cultural topics, giving an insight into topics such as British music, the different parts of the UK and British literature.

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24. Food and Mood: Improving Mental Health Through Diet and Nutrition

Diet and mental health are two topics that are closely linked. Deakin University created this course to explore the relationship between food and mood. It examines how and why our daily diets can impact our brain and mental health. It covers topics such as our immune system, gut microbiome, and principles of dietary change.

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25. Introduction to Psychology: The History and Science of Psychology

Psychology is a fascinating subject with a long and varied history. Although it’s a fairly well-established field today, it’s taken many years of developing theory and philosophy to shape it. This course looks at how the discipline emerged and some of the key individuals who influenced it. It also explores particular fields of psychology, such as cognitive and clinical psychology.

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