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Regional and National Support

In this article, Phil Padfield looks at organisations that can support the wider adoption of your innovation.
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In Step 2.3 we looked at sources of local support. If you wish for your innovation to be more widely adopted, you will also need to seek support further afield. A number of organisations exist (in the UK) which can help you in this respect.
The The Health Foundation are an organisation who provide guidance in a number of areas. Their website provides links to different areas of support, from the first inception of your idea, to funding and dissemination. Spend a little time exploring their website.
The The Kings Fund is an organisation which you may be familiar with; their support may be more applicable for more complex innovations.
The Academic Health Science Networks (AHSN) were established in 2013 to facilitate the dissemination and implementation of innovation at pace and scale across the NHS. Currently there at 15 AHSN’s across England, each serving as a catalyst connecting the NHS, academia, local authorities and the third sector (organisations which are neither public sector or private sector, such as charities). Each AHSN has its own local priorities driven by two overarching aims: improving health and generating economic growth in their region. Further details of the AHSNs including local networks.
The wider impact of the AHSNs has also been evaluated and can be found in their 2017 Impact Report.


Outside of your immediate workplace, who do you know who could support your innovation? We have looked at organisations in the UK, who are the equivalent in your country? Share this information via the comments section.
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