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Skip to 0 minutes and 0 seconds Welcome to Babcock LDP’s five-week course - Equity in Education: Supporting active participation in lessons. My name is Ruth Trundley, I’m the lead maths advisor for Babcock LDP and I’ll be working with you throughout the course. Our aim is to help you engage with research and practical classroom strategies to understand how to use pre teaching and assigning competence to support learners to be active and influential participants in lessons. Over the next five weeks we’ll explore the essential elements of pre teaching and assigning competence. Whilst our research involved using these strategies in primary schools to support learners in mathematics, they can and have been used in other subjects especially to focus on language and with the learners of all ages including adults.

Skip to 0 minutes and 44 seconds Let’s think about why pre teaching and assigning competence to support learners? Our experience of interventions used to support struggling learners is that there is often a lack of connection between the experience in the intervention and what happens in the class lesson - in other words it does not change the learners experience in the lesson. As a result many of our struggling learners have low status in classrooms which further limits their participation. Pre teaching by the teacher aims to fully connect the intervention with the lesson.

Skip to 1 minute and 15 seconds There is still the issue of status and assigning competence explicitly sets out to address this - it’s about publicly bringing attention to something the low status learner has said or done that everyone can learn from. Throughout this course there will be opportunities for reading, engaging in activities and trying out strategies with your pupils. There are videos of teachers sharing their experiences, we will ask you to share and reflect on your experiences and to finally answer the question for yourself - How can you best support your struggling and low status learners to be active and influential participants in lessons?

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Lead educator and Lead maths adviser for Babcock LDP Ruth Trundley introduces the course and what you’ll be learning over the next five weeks.

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