Skip to 0 minutes and 5 secondsWelcome to week three. Week three is about planning and making yourself fully aware of the resources that are available to you when you're using paired reading in the classroom. You'll think about whether the resources need to be adapted and which of them you'll use as you implement paired reading in your educational or indeed, non-educational setting.

Welcome to Week 3

Welcome to Week 3, the final week of this course.

In this final week we encourage you to reflect on what you have learned about paired reading and to consider what you could put in practice.

You will be introduced to new resources that enhance the social and communication skills of children in the context of paired reading, and you will even practice yourself what is like to be a tutor within the paired reading context.

Please watch the introduction to Week 3 provided by Allen Thurston.

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Using Peer Tutoring to Improve Student Reading

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