Skip to 0 minutes and 3 secondsHello and welcome to Developing Literacy: A Journey from Still Image to Film. My name is Tarah Patel and I'm the Filmmaking Coordinator at Into Film. I'll be one of the educators on this course along with my colleagues Alexia Larkins, Simon Richards and Paul Stapley. Over the duration of this course we're going to introduce you to a host of simple but very effective activities, all of which will use a range of both moving and still imagery as a catalyst to produce a variety of literacy work. It's made an amazing difference, one of the key features is that it's improved writing at my school enormously, because it enables children to think about stories both visually and audibly.

Skip to 0 minutes and 51 secondsTo support you in this training you'll be able to access the range of downloadable tools and frameworks for use in the classroom with young people you work with. All of these resources have been road-tested by both Into Film and Tate Britain in schools across the UK. Firstly, we'll look at the basics of using imagery in the classroom and how you can use still and moving image in an exciting and creative way. One of the benefits of a resource like this means that students can start to break down what can often seem like very intimidating old paintings, that they personally don't have any connection with in their everyday lives.

Skip to 1 minute and 26 secondsSo when people are offered the opportunity to look at things in small chunks they can start to piece that together, just like this resource and have those wider conversations about the things that are happening in the world. You'll be introduced to activities that will get your pupils writing poetry, predicting the future and looking at how a knowledge of image framing can lead to some incredible examples of work. Then we'll start looking at how creating your own still and moving images can engage your pupils in literacy work, and we'll make a simple short film and animation. So come with us on a journey of discovery and learn how to harness the power of image in your classroom.

Welcome to the course

Hello, and a warm welcome to Developing Literacy: A Journey from Still Image to Film, an online course from Into Film in collaboration with the Tate Year 3 Project.

This course is for Primary and Secondary educators working with children and young people aged from 5-19 in both formal and informal settings. Over the next couple of weeks, we’ll introduce you to a variety of simple but effective activities that will help invigorate and enhance your teaching and learning practice. You’ll also be able to access a range of downloadable tools and frameworks for use in your classroom. These appear individually on each relevant step as you progress through the course but are also downloadable as a pack on the first steps of each week. Everything you’ll need is downloadable in both Word and PDF formats. Download everything you need for Week 1 in the Downloads section of this step.

This course intertwines the use of still images of artwork from Tate, still images from films, and film itself (including BFI National Archive footage) giving you a raft of activities to try out with your young people. This week, after we get to know the course educators, contributors and each other, we’ll look at the following:

  • Creating a range of extended writing from both moving and still image stimuli

  • Consider how the framing of images can produce scaffolded short stories with your students for a range of levels

  • Look at how engaging images and moving image can be used as a catalyst for writing poetry (you’ll even get the chance to write your own short poems!)

  • Look at how imagery can be used to create exciting predictive work with your students.

In Week 2 you’ll have the opportunity to create your own short films and simple animations.

As we’ll be working with both moving and still image throughout the course, it’s useful at this point to say that when we say ‘image’ or ‘imagery’ we mean both types, unless distinctly defined in the step.

Navigating the course

This may be the first course that you have undertaken on FutureLearn, or perhaps the first course you have taken online, so here’s an overview of the site’s features.

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The films and clips used in this course are available to download directly from the course step or on our Vimeo playlist. You’ll be given the links and passwords on the relevant steps so that you are able to use them in class.

Meet our course contributors: contributors image - Simon Richards - Teacher Development Manager Into Film, Tarah Patel - Filmmaking Coordinator Into Film, Paul Stapley - Training and Resources Officer Into Film, Alexia Larkins - Training and Resources Coordinator Into Film, Mark Reid - Head of UK Learning Programmes British Film Institute, Allen Tsui - Primary School Teacher Willow Brook Primary School Academy, Jenny Grahame - Freelance Media Educator, Peju Oshin - Assistant Curator Resources Schools and Teachers Programme Tate Modern and Tate Britain

Who are Into Film?

Into Film’s UK-wide programme includes free online and face-to-face training for educators, extra-curricular film clubs, teaching resources with embedded film clips, a cinema-based film festival and an annual awards ceremony celebrating youth-made short films.

Into Film is collaborating on the Tate Year 3 Project, a landmark UK partnership project between Tate, Artangel and A New Direction. The project is delighted to be supporting teachers in their exploration into new ways of learning with art.

What is Tate Britain?

Tate’s vision is to inspire new ways of learning with art and specifically with Tate’s Collection in a way that reaches a wider audience and that promotes positive change, dialogue and engagement in contemporary cultural and artistic life.

Meet our course team

Don’t forget to follow our course team below – they’ll be providing course support in the Comments sections throughout the next two weeks. Simply click on their profiles below and click the Follow button.

Simon Richards - Lead Educator, Into Film

Tarah Patel - Educator, Into Film

Paul Stapley - Educator, Into Film

Alexia Larkins - Mentor, Into Film

Please note the course team will do their best to support you throughout the course, however due to the large number of comments received on our courses, they may not be able to answer everyone individually; look for common-thread responses from the course team which will be pinned to the the top of the Comments section.

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