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The diamond 9!

It is important to remember that the teaching of RSE and Health does require an understanding by staff and students that discussions can sometimes be of a sensitive nature.

The ‘Diamond 9’ approach supports children and young people to organise ideas and priorities through a ranking system. It is a way of providing pupils with opportunities to discuss preferences, make decisions and share ideas, whilst having ownership of the way in which they have ranked these.

Download the PDF below - Diamond 9 Ground Rules.

In this task on the PDF you will see 9 cards. 8 of which are numbered to match a statement which may benefit the establishment of an effective learning environment for the teaching of PSHE and RSHE and one which is blank.

Look at all the cards and prioritise them in order of importance for you, forming a diamond arrangement. As part of this identify a ninth statement which you wish to be on your list.

Diamond 9 Example - blue blocks laid in shape of diamond

Within your school or setting, it would be most useful to individually carry out the Ground rules diamond 9 activity, then ask colleagues to do the same and then compare outcomes. This can be done together or in our current world - virtually!

Share your own individual outcomes with your fellow learners in the comments below. Read through all those who have commented.

  • Identify the viewpoints which were similar and where the differences occurred.

  • Do you notice any trends?

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