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Reflecting on the teaching and learning process prior to planning

The final week of this RSHE course has arrived! This week will explore a model for planning which will ensure a sequence for learning for pupils. By the end of this week you will have planned a lesson using your identified scheme of work and reflected on learning and outcomes.

Download the Teaching and Learning process cards document below and read through the statements.

Sort the statements into the ones you currently consider when planning learning and the ones you do not.

Now look at the ‘On the Brink’ lesson example - again available to download below.

Using the Teaching and Learning process cards, identify which ones have been employed to this lesson. Look at how these are used and consider the impact this will have on the learning for pupils.

Look at a recent lesson plan that you have delivered. Match the Teaching and Learning process cards to your own lesson.

When doing this, consider:

  • What elements were present in your plan?

  • Were these intentionally planned for?

  • Looking at your plan, would the consideration of other T&L processes have enhanced the learning of pupils? Which elements were these? How will this inform your thought process and preparation for lessons going forward?

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