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Spotlight on: Deakin University

Learn more about Deakin University, one of Australia’s best universities and an education partner of FutureLearn.

Digital learning students interact using digital tools on a university campus

Deakin University is an internationally recognised and award-winning academic institution that has guided more than 300,000 students on their journeys to academic success since it was founded in 1974. 

There are currently over 60,000 students enrolled on courses at Deakin University, including 15,000 international students from more than 130 countries – evidence of Deakin’s strong international reputation and commitment to excellence in digital learning.

Here at FutureLearn we’re thrilled to partner with Deakin University and their pioneering methods of online learning to offer high-quality courses to our global community from our range of course types that include microcredentials, ExpertTracks, degrees and short courses .

Where is Deakin University?

With four onsite campuses across the state of Victoria, south-east Australia – in the cities of Melbourne, Geelong and Warrnambool – Deakin University is home to tens of thousands of students and is Australia’s sixth largest university.

Deakin and the power of online learning

Alongside teaching offered to students on its campuses, Deakin University is one of the world’s pioneers when it comes to off-campus learning, having offered distance learning options for nearly 50 years. Committed to future-focused teaching methods, Deakin progressed as a leader in digital education – developing and fine-tuning its remote-learning tools and offerings to provide a holistic education experience.

Deakin has partnered with FutureLearn to offer online courses that can be completed in as little as two weeks – a low-stress introduction that allows you to discover if online learning is right for you.

Over 15,000 students currently study online through Deakin University’s Cloud Campus, where they have access to the same teachers and resources as on-campus students but can enjoy the flexibility of online study, anywhere, anytime.

Deakin’s Cloud Campus allows students to:

  • Choose from hundreds of online undergraduate and postgraduate courses.
  • Watch lectures, submit assessments and participate in discussions.
  • Use virtual meeting rooms to work in real-time with students and staff, including delivering presentations and sharing videos.
  • Download and stream lectures and presentations at any time of day. 

This remote-learning platform gives students the power to adapt learning to their lifestyles and needs.

Taking Microcredentials at Deakin University with FutureLearn

One of the key offerings from FutureLearn’s partnership with Deakin are our suite of eight microcredentials. These online microcredentials are designed for you to upskill and prepare for work in rapidly-growing industries, at a smaller time and cost commitment than a full degree. 

A microcredential from Deakin University gives you a certified expert education within a niche area while allowing you to study when and where you want.

Though these microcredentials are independent certifications, some even offer academic credit to use towards a degree. Each microcredential also includes a formal online assessment.

Microcredentials offered by Deakin University and FutureLearn include:

Check out all of the microcredentials from Deakin University on FutureLearn today.

Deakin University courses

As well as microcredentials, you can take other types of Deakin University courses through FutureLearn. Our partnership offers four degree programmes, one ExpertTrack and 25 short courses.

This wide range ensures there’s an online learning opportunity for you, whether you’re looking for a low-commitment course or an in-depth academic experience.


ExpertTracks are a curated series of courses that focus on specialised areas of learning and provide a fast and flexible way to learn new skills. ExpertTracks offer a free 7-day trial so you can be sure that you’re keen on your chosen courses before committing to the full length.

Deakin University offers an ExpertTrack through FutureLearn in Coaching Skills: Sports Coaching and Leadership. It takes 10 weeks to complete with approximately three hours of study time per week. However, the speed at which you complete the curated courses is entirely up to you!

This ExpertTrack will help you to learn key skills of a successful sports coach, including:

  • Leadership
  • Athlete-centred coaching
  • Sports leadership
  • Culture building
  • Servant leadership
  • Self-awareness
  • Team development
  • Sports coaching
  • Team building
  • Values-based coaching
  • Sports management


Through Deakin’s partnership with FutureLearn, you can complete a full degree entirely online. This gives you flexibility while still enjoying the benefits of one of Australia’s best universities.

  • Schedule your own study times to suit your life
  • Watch lectures, take exams, and complete assignments – all online
  • Join discussions and work with your peers in virtual study groups
  • Receive feedback from expert educators
  • Get full access to the university library, online resources and support

Deakin University offers four degrees through FutureLearn:

Short courses

If you’re looking for one-off courses to learn new skills, pursue your interests or advance your career, Deakin University offers 26 short courses ranging from two to five weeks in length.

Deakin University’s courses hosted by FutureLearn are wide-ranging in subjects, with select course offerings including:

Through Deakin University’s partnership with FutureLearn, you can learn from the comfort of your own home with Deakin’s expert academic leaders at your own pace. You can start, stop, and pause your classes through FutureLearn’s digital platform.

Deakin University ranking

Deakin University is one of Australia’s best universities, and its international rankings continue to rise. It currently sits in the top 2% of the world’s universities.

In June 2022, The Sydney Moring Herald reported that Deakin was 266th on the QS international rankings of the world’s best universities for the academic year ending 2023.

Excellent Deakin University world rankings are thanks to the world-class quality education provided by staff in leading programs worldwide. Deakin’s four facilities offer courses across the arts, science, sport, nutrition, architecture, business, law, medicine, engineering, allied health and teaching.

Areas of study at Deakin University that rank within the top 100 programmes globally include:

  • Nursing
  • Education
  • Engineering
  • Hospitality & Tourism Management
  • Computer Science
  • Communications

In addition to its international accolades, Deakin University has also been awarded 100% Excellence in Research for Australia (ERA) by the Australian Research Council due to its commitment to top-tier research. Deakin University students work directly with leading industry researchers and use world-leading facilities to develop solutions that have a lasting impact on the global community.

Research at Deakin focuses on innovation and robust partnerships with industry, and Deakin has built a strong international reputation in areas of emerging social, economic and political priority.

Deakin’s five core research impact themes are:

  • Advancing society and culture
  • Building safe and secure communities
  • Improving health and wellbeing
  • Enabling a sustainable world
  • Designing smarter technologies

What makes Deakin University unique?

Deakin engenders an inclusive and student-focused culture with a reputation for using innovative digital solutions to provide an engaging and personalised learning experience for all students, regardless of their mode of study. Deakin ranks highly on key indicators of success, including high student satisfaction levels and high employability of its graduates. 

Students are offered continued support when their studies come to an end, as Deakin prides itself on developing graduates who are ready to dive head-first into their careers. Deakin University graduates are innovative, resilient and well-prepared for the ever-changing workforce needs.

And the professional achievements and successes of the hundreds of thousands of Deakin alumni who live and work across the globe are an indicator of the solid foundation provided by Deakin’s unique learning environment.

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