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Inspire students with free online learning courses from leading universities.

What is FutureLearn?

High quality & online

Educators from top UK & international universities have created courses filled with videos, articles, quizzes, audio & discussions to enable enjoyable online social learning.

Varied & valuable

Students can choose free courses from a range of topics; from STEM to the arts, giving them access to ideas, debates & resources that can improve critical thinking & learning skills..

Flexible & fun

Courses can fit around school schedules, with short activities, clear goals, & compelling content to encourage students to enjoy progressing independently.

Ideal for A-level

Courses provide an excellent addition to UCAS applications, enrichment programmes, preparation for university & current curriculum.

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Schools using FutureLearn

Yvette Bellis, Acting Deputy Headteacher Bullers Wood School, says:

We’ve currently got 220 A-level students all signed up to the UEA’s Preparing for Uni course, which they will do on-site in school, as well as Gifted & Talented students in years 9 & 10 taking courses independently. We consider there to be a learning gap between GCSE & A-Level & we feel there are opportunities to explore the value of FutureLearn courses in this context too. We’re looking forward to seeing how this platform can help the way our students learn & develop.
220 A-level students all signed up

John Constable, Headteacher Langley Grammar School says:

We are delighted to be working with FutureLearn to help prepare our students for university style learning. We have seen a very enthusiastic uptake since the programme was launched, with students working in groups across 8 different courses & supported by teachers from a range of subject areas. All 164 of our Year 12 students are working through the ‘Preparing for University’ course in tutor time. We are looking forward to seeing how this course can help students develop the high-level critical thinking & independent learning skills that will benefit them not just in their A-Level courses, but at university & beyond.
Critical thinking and independent learning skills

Peter Holding, Headteacher, Sir William Borlase’s says:

We see a valuable application for schools across the country. In the current context of budget cuts, FutureLearn’s free courses presents an ideal resource to extend students’ learning. We think that FutureLearn courses have the potential to be a hugely valuable enrichment opportunity for Sixth Form students, particularly as they prepare for life at University. Many of our students are getting involved with courses that extend their knowledge in their chosen specialist subjects, while others are looking at courses purely for fun.
Hugely valuable and enriching

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