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Why start-ups succeed or fail

All businesses need to start at some point. In the early formative years there are a number of factors that consistently predict either success or failure.

Why start-ups succeed

We would like you to watch a TEDx talk by Tak Lo about ‘Predictors of start-up success’. Please search on YouTube for ‘predictors of start-up success’.

In particular, focus on the diagram at 1 min 30 sec and listen to Tak Lo’s description of an outstanding CEO.

Why start-ups fail

Next, watch Yashash Agarwal talk about ‘Five lessons I learned from failing a start-up’ in his TedX talk. Please search on YouTube for ‘five lessons I learned from failing a start-up’.

Finally, read The top reasons startups fail (available on the Statista website).

Your task

Can you see the common themes between these two videos and the article? How can you apply these experiences to your own business idea?

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