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Identifying your skills and strengths

So far, we’ve discussed types of skills, what employers are looking for, and the distinction between skills and strengths. Let’s now bring this together by helping you to identify and reflect on your own skills and strengths.

Remember the reflective model we introduced in Step 1.4? This is a great starting point for helping you to reflect on your previous work experiences and extract the particular skills and strengths that you demonstrated and developed there.

Your previous experience can include not just employment but also your academic studies or any extra-curricular activities (for example, volunteering).

You can begin the process of identifying your skills by thinking about any achievements, which could be personal or professional.

Your task

Think about and reflect on your best achievement in life (you may be asked this type of question in an interview).

Use Gibbs’ reflective cycle from Step 1.4 or use the questions below to guide your reflections:

  • What was the achievement?
  • How did you achieve this?
  • What skills and strengths do you think this achievement demonstrated?

Record your answers in your learning log, then share a summary in the comments area.

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