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Review of the course

In this open course, we’ve introduced you to contract management and procurement in the Architecture, Engineering and Construction (AEC) industry. We hope you have enjoyed your learning experience.

In the first week of this short course, you explored the nature of construction contracts and the principles of contract formation and reviewed four key procurement strategies in construction.

This week, you’ve looked at two different forms of construction contract: Standard Forms of Contract (SFoC) and bespoke forms of contract. You have also explored the roles and responsibilities of the parties involved in various types of contract. The main parties being the client, contractor (and sub-contractor), the project manager and the contract administrator. However, some projects include the professional teams (also known as consultants).

We concluded this week with a review of the RIBA Plan of Work 2013, which is a key tool in carrying out construction works in the UK.

We hope that the different tasks this week have provided you with an opportunity to apply what you’ve learned and that you can take this forward into your own practice.

Finally, a list of all the readings for this short course has been provided in the download area for your convenience.

Your task

To wrap up your learning for this short course, reflect on what you’ve learned so far.

  • What have you found to be particularly good, useful or interesting?

  • What actions will you now take to learn more about these topics and put them into practice?

  • What questions, if any, have arisen for you?

Share your thoughts with other learners and review what issues they’ve highlighted.

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Contract Management and Procurement: An Introduction

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