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The modern leader

Above (and attached) are a series of well known leaders/public figures you may recognise to start our discussion.

There are many examples of leaders from around the world who have developed their Cultural Intelligence, and who we can learn from. Equally there are examples of when people have not got this right.

Leaders with Cultural Intelligence:

  • don’t shy away from difference; they move towards it

  • don’t just cross the divides that exist between people, they also build bridges for others to use

  • counterbalance the default human preference for talking, working and sticking with ‘people like me’

  • look outwards. They are interested and excited by different cultures. They don’t just tolerate difference; they make it a strength.

Are there any additional leaders that we should add to the discussion? Using the criteria above who are the leaders/public figures:

  1. that have shown the most Cultural Intelligence in your view and why?

  2. that you think would benefit from gaining more Cultural Intelligence?

  3. what are the barriers that have prevented them from developing more Cultural Intelligence?

Scroll to the bottom to find the relevant attachment. Please input your thoughts in the comments section below.

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