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A row of three circles, which gets larger and larger as you go from left to right
The image above (which is of three circles, each of differing sizes) relates to the how influential the past, present and future are in your decision making

What influences our decision making the most?

Understanding how we make decisions is one of the key components of Cultural Intelligence. By having a greater comprehension of what influences us we gain a broader perspective on how we work with others. If we understand these influences it can support us in our interactions with leaders from all over the world.

One way of doing this is to explore the influence of the past, present and future on our decision making.

Answering the following question:

  • What influences your decisions the most: the past, the present or the future?’

Draw a different circle for each one, similar to the image above, giving greater size to the circle that influences you most. We are looking for your gut reaction, try not to over analyse.

Share your responses to each - using no more than 140 characters for each one:

  1. The past:

  2. The present:

  3. The future:

Attached are a series of varied examples from business leaders around the world who have explored their decision making by answering this question to help you.

It is important to note that different people have contrasting perspectives and view situations in very different ways. There are no right answers but when we look at these differences we learn about other people’s perspectives.

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