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Physical issues

Dealing with physical issues is a key aspect of calibrating Flex. Deciding how we eat, or when to bow; what we can show (legs? head? feet?) and what we can’t; how to greet, and how to part. They all matter and they create impressions that well-meant words often can’t correct.

Physical issues are tough. The lack of simple answers is frustrating. Some fine calls have to be made but when we break these physical issues down we develop greater awareness of what the right approach is in different parts of the world.

What are some of the physical behaviours in other people that:

  • you respect

  • you question

  • makes you feel uncomfortable

  • you believe indicates disrespect

  • makes you laugh

  • find unacceptable

  • you can forgive

  • indicates immaturity

Name one in each category. Has this list changed for you over the years?

Feed your responses into the comments section below.

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