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The big question

Let’s begin by looking at one of the big questions in marketing:

What would your life be like without global marketing?

Reflect on your daily routine and consider how this is impacted upon by global marketing. For example, when you’re brushing your teeth in the morning, you might consider where the toothpaste you are using originates from: is it manufactured by a domestic or an international company?

Keep a note of the occasions you encounter international products or services that impact on your daily routine. At the end of the day, analyse your list using these prompts:

  • How many international products or services have you used over the course of this one day?
  • Did you realise these were not domestic products or services before you started this activity?
  • How much do you think global marketing has contributed to your choice to use this product or service?

There are a number of ways you can record your thinking and track your progress on this course. We have highlighted some tools you could use to help you with this later this week, in the step ‘Getting the most out of your learning’.

Your task

Share the most surprising finding you have recorded with your fellow learners in the discussion.

Have a look at other learners’ comments. If you can relate to a comment someone else has made, why not ‘like’ it or leave a reply?

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