Skip to 0 minutes and 9 secondsSPEAKER: Staff report that Peter wanders all day and often tries to leave the home. When they try and return him to his chair, he becomes very resistant. He's known to wander around the garden, and the gardener has noticed that Peter moves his tools around. Staff had noticed that when they ask him why he is wandering, he often says he's looking for the music room. Peter has also said that he's looking for Margaret, presumably a reference to his late wife. It's important to consider for whom this wandering is a problem. Is Peter's wandering causing problems for him or for others around him? Some people wander because of boredom. They may be looking for the toilet.

Skip to 0 minutes and 49 secondsOr they might be hungry and looking for food. It's common for people to wander and be looking for someone they feel they may have lost, or alternatively, looking for a way home. It is important to look beyond the behavior and to consider what Peter's wandering might mean for him.

Peter and wandering

As you watch the video on this page, think about the issues that are highlighted, and possible solutions.

  • Is Peter’s wandering causing problems for him, or for others around him?

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