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Experiencing checking

Your assignment is to think about a behavior you have observed in an individual from a different culture or a diverse background. Look online for information to learn if this behavior is somewhat typical for individuals from that culture or is it totally unrelated to the person’s cultural or diversity background?

If I may share a personal example, without cultural or sociological specifics, why are the driving habits of some drivers from some countries when driving in the United States offensive to me? I am talking about overly aggressive driving, cutting me off, driving too close to me, not observing the right of way, ignoring correct lane assignments, cutting in front of me to steal a parking spot from me, and etc. After visiting some of these cultures, I better understand why these drivers drive the way they do in the United States. In a few countries, my native hosts will not allow me to drive because I am not equipped or prepared to drive in the aggressive manner required in that country. As a result, I am able to be more empathetic and understand why these culturally diverse persons drive differently than I do in the United States.

After completing your research, share in comments the behavior you identified and ask your fellow learners to comment. They may provide insight, verification, or present alternative perspectives on the behavior you identified. Please offer your insights on the behaviors posted by other learners.

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