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Skip to 0 minutes and 11 seconds SUBJECT: I’m looking for management training which offers me the opportunity to develop new skills while strengthening those I already possess. My degree in history has enabled me to develop good organisational skills, an analytical approach to tasks, and the ability to work under pressure. I’m able to work well both on my own initiative and as part of a team. My main strengths are adaptability, dependability, and the determination to get the job done, as proven by my varied work experiences in retail, catering, hospitality work, teaching, and patient care. I tried to learn something new from every experience because I believe there’s always room for self improvements, both personally and professionally.

Skip to 1 minute and 4 seconds I graduated with strong communication and organisational skills gained in nursing, now seeking to move into a career as an analytical chemist. Whilst my degree is in forensic science, a large majority of the course consisted of chemistry, as highlighted by the list of modules I have completed. I feel I have learned more than just the theory behind forensics, but also many fundamental skills for my career and life. As I am a mature student, I have other qualities to bring to the workplace, such as good teamwork, organisational skills, efficiency, and I am very meticulous. I also show pride in all the work I do. I work well under pressure, as I love a challenge. I possess excellent verbal and written communication skills.

Skip to 1 minute and 54 seconds And I’m able to relate to a wide range of people. All these skills have been enhanced during all the work experiences I have gained over the years.

Video personal profile examples

Here is a video presenting two examples of a video personal statement. Watch them, and, as you do so, make notes under these headings. Take notes as you watch.


To what extent is the statement well presented.

Audience involvement

Eye-contact is one of the techniques used to engage the audience. How well is this managed throughout?


A good statement will be interesting and retain the watcher’s attention. One way to do this is through a delivery style that is varied. Think about the how the following add to the delivery.

Volume, pitch, and the pace of the speech.


To what extent is the content effective?

Now share your thoughts on these headings in the comments area.

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