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Video Profile

Adding a video profile

What’s in a video profile

A video profile needs to be:

Brief (around 60 secs) but effective.

Convey personality


  1. Introduction
  2. Job you're seeking.
  3. Experience.
  4. Excellence in current job.
  5. Unique points (USP).
  6. Close strongly.

What do I need to make a video profile?

Access to:

A video camera or a phone with a video camera

A computer

Editing software (e.g. iMovie for Mac or MovieMaker for Windows)

Somewhere to upload it to e.g. YouTube, Stepstone, LinkedIn

Top 10 Mistakes to avoid

  1. Entrances and exits.
  2. Wrong camera angle.
  3. Distracting background.
  4. Not making eye contact.
  5. Reading from a script.
  6. Not interacting (Smile!).
  7. Poor lighting.
  8. Poor sound.
  9. Getting your appearance wrong.
  10. Not sticking to what makes you special.

Some things to definitely include!

1 Presentation

Posture, body language, enthusiasm, energy, motivation, attitude, confident, strong opening.

2 Content

Examples of when you did a really good job and how. What is unique about you. Skills you have.

Additional Resources

There are lots of additional resources on the web to help you with creating a video profile, such as the ones below:

This guide will take you through the key components you need to consider when making a video CV.

This guide takes you through some of the things to things to avoid that you might not have thought about!

This guide balances things up a little more by also considering some of the things you might want to include.

Here are two examples of video profiles:

Video 1 & Video 2

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