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Business-IT alignment model
The Business-IT Alignment Model

The business-IT alignment model in practice

Now, that you’ve watched Kecheng’s introduction to the business-IT alignment model in the previous step, let’s take a look at some examples of digital strategy in practice.

There are many examples that illustrate the impact that aligning IT and business strategy has had on the innovation, competitiveness and economic performance of an organisation. You may like to investigate the following resources to find out more about how some large organisations have tackled this challenge and the lessons learned in the process.

Michael E.Porter Strategy and the Internet Harvard Business Review. If you have plenty of time, you may like to read this interesting and relevant article, which explains in greater detail how business and IT alignment model works. We hope business and IT specialists will find it helpful in getting more insights on how align strategic and operational level of organization should be aligned, to create business value more effectively.

What is digital strategy? If you have less time, then you could watch this short video on how to develop an Business and IT strategy in your organisation.

Henry Mance Why big IT projects crash Financial Times online. Of course, aligning business and IT is not a straight forward task. You may be interested to read why some IT projects fail when they are not aligned with business strategy.

If you’d like to investigate the latest research on this topic, you may like to try using a tool such as Google Scholar. If you try one of these tools please come back to this step and share your findings with us. We’re keen to hear which publications you found most useful and which you would particularly recommend to other learners.

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