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Integrative case study - New services for Bingo Connect

Introduction : Context, Service Areas & Bingo Connect Services

Context :

Antoine is the director of the company Bingo Connect, which owns a shopping mall in downtown Lyon. The ageing shopping mall, known as Lyon Avenue, would like to modernize its image and earn the loyalty of younger customers.

For the past 12 months, the number of shoppers visiting the mall has continued to drop. As a result, Antoine cannot reassure store owners who pay a small fortune for their rent. All of the owners are asking Bingo Connect to improve the mall’s attractiveness and provide new services to win back customers.

The company requested a market study and the results indicate that customers would appear to prefer shopping malls located at the edge of the city because they are easier to access and meet their demands.

Following a trip to the US with visits to major shopping malls full of connected, multichannel and omnichannel services, Antoine decided to implement a new strategy to digitally re-conquer the company’s market shares by 2018.

To achieve this goal, Antoine called together his managers from various departments such as sales, purchasing, marketing, finance, IT and HR. He also called in brand representatives in order to have everyone contribute and debate how to implement a new action plan built around the company’s digital transformation.

Thanks to a brainstorming session in each department, the company as a whole was able to agree on several services areas that could benefit from new initiatives.

Services areas

Welcome desk and communications

  • Provide customers with information about brands, opening hours or directions to the toilettes, and answer any question in less than three minutes.

  • Optimize the customer’s experience and time spent in the mall according to each visitor’s budget and interests.

  • Offer complete concierge services (service packs).

  • Provide multi-lingual services for foreign customers.


  • Provide car washing services during customer shopping times.

  • Install electric charging stations in the parking lot.

  • Guarantee a parking spot at any time for shopping mall loyalty program members.

  • Guarantee a parking spot for customers who reserve their spot in advance by indicating the date and time of their visit.

Relaxation area

  • Welcome children.

  • Host a “Style” booth.

Loyalty programs and special offers

  • Create special offers for loyal customers.

  • Allow the reservation of items during sales or special offers without any obligation to purchase.

  • Provide a VIP lounge.

Question 1:

Based on the information provided above, imagine other services or service areas for the shopping mall to develop.

Question 2 :

To reinforce this initiative, select which services could be implemented as quickly as possible. Below you will discover a Kano model created by the marketing director to help you think about this classification.

KANO Diagram

This diagram is very easy to use. Once you’ve selected the services you wish to pursue, you can classify them according to the three categories based on two criteria (customer satisfaction and how the service fulfills a need, usually in technical terms).

You can search the internet to learn about the multiple ways this tool can be used.

Time to start practicing. This exercise is open-ended. Simply, try to apply the Kano diagram to this situation.

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